By Mike Campbell

ROYAL OAK (WWJ) – Drivers are gearing up for the one traffic jam they actually want to get stuck in: The Woodward Dream Cruise. While the official cruise doesn’t start until Saturday, vintage vehicles have been crowding Woodward for several days now.

Click here to view a gallery of Woodward Dream Cruise Photos.

WWJ’s Mike Campbell caught up with Dream Cruise fans along a stretch of Woodward in Royal Oak.

Cruiser Dave and his friends have already claimed their spot in front of the Sagamore Motor Lodge, where Dave will be bringing out his classic ride later in the day. The one thing he’s not excited for? The price he’ll pay for participating.

“$70 a day. $70 every day for three hours of fun. Three hours,” he said.

Dave’s Nova SS runs on 1-10 fuel which he said he can buy from a select few gas stations in the area. His favorite thing about the Dream Cruise? It’s cheaper than Cedar Point and a lot more fun.

Another super fan drove all the way across the country, just to drive his ’56 Chevy down Woodward.

“It has a 283 motor, fuel injected. This is a 265, this is the actual motor that started Chevy’s revolution,” he said.

He brought his wheels all the way from Rockwood, Texas just to participate in the Dream Cruise. But, he’s only staying for Friday’s activities. He said all the locals told him to get out of dodge by Saturday, the busiest day of the cruise.

Larry Morrison of Livonia said his classic Pantera gives onlookers whiplash every time he drives by.

“I’ve owned it for 25 years, it’s a ’74 model. I bought it in the Upper Peninsula from the original owner. It’s a good car. It’s hot, it runs on the hot side of the engine and it gets a little warm in the cockpit.”

Morrison said he especially loves his car because there’s not many around.

“I believe they made about 9,000 or 10,000, but they’re not all in the United States, it’s made in Italy and most of them are elsewhere. Just a few thousand of them are in the U.S.”

Click here to view a gallery of Woodward Dream Cruise Photos.

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