DETROIT (WWJ) – Some Detroit residents who live near a sinkhole that opened up this week outside their home have a new problem — no water service.

Hubert Watkins lives along Beaubien Street, near I-75 and East Grand Boulevard.  He told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Vickie Thomas it’s not the first time they’ve gotten that sinking feeling.

“It was a year … it was less than a year ago, maybe. Same location. It wasn’t quite as deep, but a school bus hit it … just the wheel got stuck, but she was able to get it out,” said Watkins.

Residents said there have been signs that something was amiss in that area for awhile now. Neighbors have had low water pressure for about three weeks.

They have tried to set up sprinklers for the kids in the park across the street, but there hasn’t been enough pressure there, either.

“We’ve been paying the price for three weeks now. We’ve been trying to get the City out here to get some water, because [we’ve had] no water pressure, and it was coming up, and we’ve been complaining,” Watkins said.

“They need need to hurry up. Somebody could’ve died,” said another neighbor.

Thursday’s hole, which followed some heavy rain, swallowed up an SUV, although the three people inside managed to escape unhurt. (More on this, here).


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