LANSING (WWJ) – As the budget wound its way through the State Legislature, many departments and programs fell by the wayside because of revenue concerns. One of those involved the food stamp program and the cutting off of aid to 30,0000 college students.

WWJ’s Rob Sanford reports the move will save $75 million in the budget and bring Michigan more in line with federal rules.

Brian Rooney of the Department of Human Services said because of a lack of money, they had no other choice.

“We do have more of a population on food assistance than the country at large. The bottom line is, we, in the past, could afford to be more generous with tax payer dollars, but no longer is that the case.”

Currently, one in five state residents need food aid. Rooney said they wanted to focus on serving only what he called “the truly needy”

“Usually, it’s the 40, 50, 60-year-olds that have families that are in a rough patch that we’re trying to serve. And as a matter of public policy, when you look at, you know, a 17, 18, 19-year-old that has no family, we made the determination that those were not folks that were truly needy.”

Single parent students working part-time jobs will still be able to get food stamps.

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Comments (4)
  1. Art of Royal Oak says:

    I don’t understand why they were getting assistance when the truly needy had been getting rejected. If they can afford college, they can afford to buy their own

  2. Patti Harris says:

    If they get finacial aid and leave on campus, they get three hots and a cot. Whats the need for ood stamp assistance. If they live at home more than likely their parents right now are receiveing state assistance. Why should they be able to double dip?

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