Wing Walker Dies After Failed Stunt

MT. CLEMENS (WWJ) – An investigation is underway after a stunt wing walker died in a terrible accident at the annual Selfridge National Airshow.

Todd Green, a wing walker and Michigan native, fell 200 feet to the ground as he attempted to transfer from a Stearman biplane to a helicopter as part of the show Sunday afternoon.

Rachel Hardwick, who was working the event, was among the 75,000 people at the show who watched in horror.

“My heart kinda sank for this one little girl; she was probably … no older than 6, and she saw the guy fall and hit the ground, and she just immediately turned to her mom and started crying. So, I mean, it was pretty intense,” Hardwick said.

While the winds were strong on Sunday, officials said Green performed the stunt flawlessly on the day before in similar weather conditions. Selfridge officials are now working with the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Traffic Safety Board to investigate the accident.

Following the accident, thousands of people sat in stunned silence; many of them praying together, before word of Green’s condition. Some were crying after seeing him fall while trying to cross from the biplane to the helicopter.

Amateur video of Green’s tragic death has been posted on You Tube. That has created a controversy involving people who say that kind of video — the tragic real-life death of someone — should not be posted there.

Todd Green Remembered

Todd Green was a Michigan native, who had been performing aerial stunts for more than 25 years.

His dad — also an aerial stuntman — was Eddie “The Grip” Green, who is in the aerial hall of fame.

Green had more than 25 years of aerial acrobatics experience. He leaves behind his wife, Dawn; his son, Tyler; and a stepson, Derek. Green liked playing cards, snowmobiling and riding his motorcycle.

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  • Say a Prayer

    Sympathy to this guy’s family, friends and co-workers. But there are safer ways to make a living. High risk occupations leave little room for mistakes

  • Mom2boys

    Each occupaton or hobby has its own inherent risks for possible injury and/or death. Even being a couch potato–no exercise is going to equal health risks. Everyone who gets behind the wheel of a car is taking a risk. Everyone who performs in an air show is taking great personal risk. I’m sure Mr. Green and his family were fully aware of what could happen before it ever did.

    My condolences to his loved ones and friends.

  • Truthseeker 56

    My sincere heartfelt sympathy to the family & of this gentleman.
    May the family find peace in knowing that he loved doing what he did. God is with all of you during this difficult time.

    This should not be on You Tube, hopefully someone will have the mind to take it off if they can. That is surely crossing the line of decency.

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