DETROIT (WWJ) – Local ministers in Detroit have issued a warning that pending legislation that would  put a 48-month cap on cash assistance to the poor, with no exemptions, is a recipe for disaster … or worse.

Rainbow PUSH Detroit Chapter President Rev. Alexander Bullock says the poor children of Michigan will suffer if the state legislature votes this week to end cash assistance and utility assistance programs.

“This 48-month cap, once it’s in place, it will remain in place,” Bullock told reporters, Tuesday. “So, people will be cut off of the cash assistance, potentially have no access to bill payment assistance for their utilities, so I believe we are creating a recipe for a riot.”

“We must come together and we must push past these legislative proposals and seek to serve the all of Michigan, not just corporations that get an 86 percent tax break, but all of Michigan,” said

Rainbow PUSH members are asking Michigan legislators not to pass, and Governor Snyder not to sign, legislation that cuts public funding to safety net programs that assist Michigan children, seniors and families.

PUSH has scheduled a Town Hall meeting for Thursday, August 25, to update the public on the issue.

Comments (3)
  1. BNK says:

    When we tax the living dayligts out of the “Evil Corporations” they most likely will decide it’s cheaper to do business in another state that doesn’t have such a heavy TAX BURDEN! So they pull up stakes and leave (Comerica), who wins then Rev. Bullock? All those employees are now out of a job! I’m all for helping those who truly need help… but 48 months (4 YEARS) of cash assistance turns into 6, then 8 and on we go!

    It is also very dangerous and shameful for the right Rev. to openly call for Riots if the cash doesn’t continue! We are not like Europe… we have a little thing in our Constitution called the 2nd Ammendment… and We The People will protect ourselves unlike those in London who tried in vain to order baseball bats from Amazon!

    So please be careful what you ask for Reverand… this tax payer is out of money and tired of people like you, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton stirring the pot!

  2. Jim says:

    What a bunch of fools! These damned so called revereds are just a bunch of losers. If you got it I want it. I’ll sit around on my dead ass for years producing kids, and for that you owe me. BS! Pass the legislation and let the chips fall where they may. How much of Detroit is left to tear up? I’m just sayin’.

  3. Flair Detroit says:

    A riot really? Because your sorry arse doesn’t want to work? Those benefits can be replaced with a part-time job at minimum wage. They will still be eligible for Section 8, food stamps, medicaid and childcare. Give me a break!

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