iRule Your Entire Life With One App

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Imagine controlling your entire home, everything…with one app.  One remote control, to control EVERYTHING in your electronic life.  Think about that for a second…your garage, your tv(s), dvd player(s), your lights, your front door, your COFFEE POT.  Yes you read that right…you can even turn your coffee pot on, from bed.  All with the iRule.

We had a chance to chat with the creator of the “iRule”, who by the way happens to be a local Detroiter too!  Itai Ben-Gal and his partner have created an “App” that will control anything and everything electronic in your life.  So imagine, you can control the lights dimming at your place, by using your iPhone or iPad.  How about starting the coffee pot in the morning, from bed…with your app.  It’s all possible with the iRule app.

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