DETROIT (WWJ) – One hundred or more members of a group called “Youth Voice” marched in downtown Detroit, Thursday, for an end to violence.

Youth Voice secretary Nichol Lassiter said the group wants the mayor, police chief and U.S. Attorney to adopt a national violence reduction program called “Ceasefire”.

Lassiter said they want to get more ordinary citizens involved in helping to curb violence in the city.

youth voice march Detroit Youth March For End To Violence
(WWJ Photo/Florence Walton)

“Or demand for the U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade is to provide technical support, basically trainers, who can train people to be interrupters or people who are actually out in the community providing safety for kids,” she said.

Youth Voice is calling on Mayor Dave Bing to fully support the program. Members agree with Police Chief Ralph Godbee’s data-based approach to finding out where crime is happening and focusing on those areas of the city.

Thursday’s march comes just one day after Bing, along other local, state and federal authorities, joined forces to renewed a call for citizens to help drive out criminals infesting their neighborhoods.


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