What to expect from the new “Diamond” planet?
10. nate from south rockwood.. what to expect from a planet made of diamond.. roy williams will buy it and mail it to his girlfriend to which she will keep it but deny his proposal.
9. What to expect from a planet made of diamond? Phil Coke to point at – Kyle in Livonia
8. Theres bound to be a more affordable planet made of cubic zirrconium found at Kohl’s……Mike from Berkley
7. The planet made of diamond was simply the planet picked by the producrs of the reality show called “Pimp my Planet” fr. SHAWN ON A TRASH TRUCK
6. Kobe Bryant will bang every chick in the galaxy, then buy the diamond planet for his wife to save his marriage. Rabid giraffe
5. Mike from sheldon rd- I expect the new diamond planet to be sold on the next episode of Pawn Stars.
4. From brian what to expect with a diamond planet? Location for the new Trump building.
3. What to expect from a planet made out if diamond? Finally an earring that is proportionate to Polanco`s head. JR in Rochester
2. What to expect: Najeh Davenport is still more impressed with Uranus. Brett
1. What to expect from a diamond planet: Roger Goodell wants to move the Super Bowl there.


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