In the mid 1980’s Terry Foster says he was hugged by a ghost multiple times. Our webmaster Evan did some research and found out that Terry was casted as the original Winston in Ghostbusters and he had some test shots taken. Have you ever seen or been touched by a ghost? Leave a comment below.

  1. JD Sharp says:

    My name is J.D. Sharp. I live in Livonia and have multible incounters with Ghost and/or Spirts, all of which took place in my home, starting in 1996 and continues today, but on a smaller scale. It’s a long story and was wondering if there is way I can tell you all that has gone on here. I wanted to call in, but I knew it wouldn’t have been possible to explain it all on air. If you’re interest, my Home phone is 248.476.9905, my Cell is 248.231.4560 and my E-Mail is listed below. Thank You

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