By Sandra McNeill

OAK PARK (WWJ) – Four people have been arrested at “Big Daddy’s Hydro,” a medical marijuana operation in Oak Park.

“The Oakland County Sheriff, evidently, got into the facility using forged cards, and then entrapped caregivers in the facility to engage in the use of medical marijuana with them by transferring medical marijuana and then being reimbursed for costs,” said attorney Jim Rasor.

The suspects are identified in court papers as Rick Ferris of Berkley, Stephanie Ferris of Hazel Park, Danny Stafford of Madison Heights, and Andrey Douthard of Romulus.

They have been charged with 10 counts of delivery and conspiracy to deliver marijuana.  Punishments range from four to seven years and fines of up to $30,000.

All four pled not guilty.

Rasor said his clients have done nothing wrong. “It would be like forging  prescription, taking it to your pharmacist, and when the pharmacist fills it, arresting them,” Rasor said.

“If I were them [the police] I would be wondering why I’m not trying to interdict heroine and crystal meth, that are killing high school kids all over the state, instead of concentrating on people who have licenses from the state of Michigan,” Rasor said.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said Wednesday’s sting was part of an ongoing investigation into such facilities, including businesses in Ferndale and Waterford.

The bust comes just days after the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that medical marijuana dispensaries are illegal.

Comments (5)
  1. GreaterMichigan CompassionClub says:

    hahaha…maybe its just me, but doesnt the law permit delivery, transfer, and compensation for costs? this whole thing is nothing more than a slap in the face to 63% of the voters!

  2. Bob Redden says:

    come join us inn Lansing Sept, 7 at noon

  3. fullofhops says:

    jury nullification is what ended prohobition, not the untouchables. if all of leo’s efforts are consistently ruled not guilty by the jury, this madness will end.

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