President Obama To Celebrate Labor Day In Detroit

DETROIT (WWJ) – President Obama will be in Detroit on Monday.  The White House says Mr. Obama will be in town to celebrate Labor Day with workers and their families as well as to discuss his bipartisan efforts to create jobs and strengthen the nation’s economy.

The president’s visit is free and open to the public.  His address is set for 1:00 Monday afternoon, just east of the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.

Aretha Franklin will perform following the annual Labor Day parade … and before Mr. Obama takes the stage.

If you’re interested in going, you will not need a ticket to get in, although some have been distributed.


  • Save Ourselves

    Labor Day is beoming a historical holiday in that less of America is laboring today to make things. More America is laboring just to find employment. And maybe that’s where the emphasis should be placed for this year’s Labor Day; finding jobs in America. But this means America’s biggest industries and business needs to bring back foreign manufacturing and production to American shores. Remember the cost of being a wealthy capitalist is providing employment for the people who defend and secure that privilege

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  • mike

    Obama the yes-man! Coming to Detroit for what? To dazzle us with weasel words? I’m sure Mr. Boehner wrote his speech. I already know what Mr. Boehner wants to do. What I’d like to know, is what’s Obama’s definition of Change? It certainly wasn’t breaking up the ” too big to fail ” investment banks like Simon Johnson suggested to congress over two years ago. Instead, he keeps giving those criminal institutions money. I wouldn’t walk across the street to hear what Obama has to say.

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