Instant Feedback Fun. Other rejected Maryland football uniforms…
10. Rejected uniform ideas? The mood helmet. Bob @work
9. I dont know what uniforms were also considered but they Miami players said “You couldnt pay me to wear those” Kevin in Trenton.
8. What else did Maryland reject for uniforms? A pointier tail and fiercer looking eye on a revamped tortoise. Tony at work in Southfield.
7. Rejected uniform ideas? All I know is don cherry was pissed to find out maryland stole one of his old couches he uses to make his wardrobe. JP in Livonia
6. Uniform made out of real bits of turtle Larry. Macomb
5. Rejected Maryland uniform ideas: Charlie Sheen thought he was just trippin’ on Acid. Brett pod
4. Maryland Uniform ideas – not sure, but the Maryland School for the Blind just realized their band uniforms were missing. Paul Canton
3. When I think of Terp football I think of two things..yellow taxi and Scottish battle shields.
2.Tuxedo T-shirts and Devo Helmets – Scott
1. Rejected Maryland uniforms? Flesh colored uniforms with purple helmets! K ice


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