Instant Feedback Fun. Things people will do with an extra two hours…
10. jim tressel knows wat he’s doin but he doesnt know who to tell?
9. With the extra 2 hours im gonna stare at Kim Kardashians rear. NICE AREA. Jim Price
8. I don’t know what you guys are going to do but it will piss off Jared weaver for sure. Jeremy in Jackson
7. What will stoney do with his extra 2 hours? Still be siting at work
6. What will people do with the 2 hours? Tony Ortiz will craft more poetry to send to Linda Cohn. -chris in warren
5. 2 hours? Oprah will lose 50 pounds only to gain another 100 2 hours later…
4. What will everyone do: Tom Dempsy will only use a half hour. Brett
3. less than 2 hours? Joey Chesnut will consume my personal yearly intake of hot dogs
2. What are people doing with their extra two hours. . Lindsay lohan is stealing the diamond planet Cory
1. What will people do with the extra 2 hours: Ted Williams will just Chill.


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