Instant Feedback Fun. What did Miss Universe win?
10. Miss Universe wins…the planet made of diamonds. Duh. O-Tiz Guy
9. What does Miss Universe win? Psssh Miss Universe. Bob@work
8. Miss universe winnings? A really big galaxy of prizes. dave in Tecumseh
Miss universe wins the prefix KIL to her last name. ~Stark.
What did Ms Universe win? A tour of 97.1 studios which she immediately turned down for fear Gator would yell at her too. -Keith at work
What does Miss Universe win? A.. BRAND… NEW… MILLENIUM… FALCON!!!! (Best price is right show case showdown voice) –paul
What does miss universe win . . Terry foster will place a baby in her belly . Cory
Frank in Taylor What does miss universe win,an apology from brian kelly…. I mean gator, you mad bro?
7. What does Miss Universe win? Sam Cassell will let her use his spaceship to get around the universe. Tom,Westland
What does miss universe win. . A classy neck tattoo
She will have a parade in her honor in her hometown where she will be put in carriage drawn by Sarah Jessica Parker-matt downriver
What does Miss Universe win: I don’t know but Sam Cassell doesn’t watch because all the winners are from planet earth. BP
6. Miss Universe wins Derek Jeters cell number. Kelly at lunch
Miss universe probably will win free cable.
5. Miss universe? I don’t know what she won, but miss Mars, miss Venus, & miss Jupiter are jealous. Jeff WB
Miss universe? She also won a request for a date from John Mayberry through a letter from his agent. Jeff WB
I dont know what else she will win, but Rod Allan will be heard contiuosly saying I see you Miss Universe, with only 1 visible hand Bill
What Miss Universe wins aknowledgement from Tim Tebow that she exists in HIS creation! Marc in Sterling Heights
4. Cecil from flint, Miss Universe won the right to decide of Pluto is truly a planet or a star.
3. Gator, she wins a free trip to uranus. Timmy AA
2. A date with Mr. Universe…Brian Cushing. D
1.Hal – What else would she win? A Universal Remote


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