Palisades Nuclear Plant Shut Down After Loss Of Water In Cooling System

COVERT TWP (AP) – The Palisades Nuclear Plant in southwestern Michigan has been shut down due to a loss of water in a cooling system.

The lowest of four emergency classification levels was declared.

The classification means plant workers were notified and were resolving the problem.

Officials say the shutdown poses no risk to the public and that no radioactive materials were released.

The plant is owned by New Orleans-based Entergy Corporation.

  • joe

    Why is the MSM ignoring Fukushima the worst nuclear disaster in the history of mankind. Also every time something happens at a nuclear facility the media down plays the risk,

    The media of old must be stopped, you are state sponsored fear mongers they hype fake threats and propaganda , while real dangers go unreported.

    example: 9/11 anniversary threats, there are “unconfirmed” meaning not substantiated but also “valid” meaning there confirmed proof. Meanwhile 7 US nuke reactors shut down due to flooding, leakage, power loss and explosions but nothing to see here no danger,

    It is so crazy, the media better do its job now or they will be replaced. What makes it bad is the fact that it is not lack of knowledge, the media is given what they are allowed to talk about so in a sense the MSM is fake and might as well be considered fiction. DO YOUR FREAKING JOBS or get run over by the new media of truth.

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