By Jeff Riger

So I am waiting in the media room for the Lions game to end to listen to head coach Jim Schwartz and an assortment of other Detroit players address the media when all of a sudden our webmaster Evan Jankens grabbed me and yelled “follow me.”

I did and right in front of us were Detroit legends Kid Rock, Bob Seger and Uncle Kracker walking towards the Lions locker room. Immediately, Jankens and I were thinking ‘video interview’, so I yelled out to Kid Rock, “yo, Kid, can we get an interview?” Without going into the actual words that were exchanged, let’s just say we were turned down.

But that didn’t stop us, we stalked the three Detroit rockers as they made their way to their destination — as the Lions were coming off the field at the same time. All of a sudden, Lions center Dominic Raiola ran over to the rockers and started talking to Mr. Rock. Kid, actually, introduced Raiola to Seger and Kracker while a couple “congratulations” and jokes were exchanged and then Raiola was gone, leaving just the Detroit rockers once again.

After a short time, Kid Rock and Bob Seger were escorted into the locker room to soak in the feelings and emotions of  another Detroit win while the numerous people in the halfway waited. Before we knew it, Rock and Seger were back and while there was no chance of getting video of Kid, we tried for Seger and he obliged.

I had about enough time for about three questions, about a minute before we would lose our opportunity. As I started to talk, about 15 cameras turned on and proceeded to catch all the action. Who knew Seger was such a big interview? Seger started by telling the media that Gunther Cunningham signed a football for him after Cunningham was awarded the game ball for beating his old team, the Chiefs.

But it was the second question that got the best answer of the interview. I asked, “What does it mean to the city of Detroit to have a team that is 2 and 0 after all the bad, awful losses that this fan base had to endure?” Watch the video below to find out Seger’s answer. You can tell he is a true passionate Lions fan like the rest of us. Also watch the video of Raiola meeting Seger and Kracker, fo what could be for the first time.

  1. mark says:

    Which one is Uncle Kracker? Is he wearing shoulder pads and a jersey that reads “Ritchie”? I hope he lost a bet ….

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