By Jeff Riger

After the Lions manhandling of the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday afternoon, there were a couple of interviews that stuck out to me in the Detroit locker room afterwards. The first one was tight end Tony Scheffler talking about his latest end zone celebration.

Last Sunday against the Bucs, Scheffler did his best swashbuckling routine after he scored to rub it in the face of Tampa Bay fans. Well, this Sunday at Ford Field, Scheffler tried to start a fire and send smoke signals after getting six against the Chiefs. Scheffler also revealed what he had in store for Lions fans if he got in the end zone again, which he almost did.

The second interview was with Dom Raiola, who went into detail about what the teams 2-0 start means to the fans. After so many awful losses and awful interviews in the past, Raiola for two weeks in a row has gotten a chance to be happy. But he focuses more on the fans finally getting a chance to celebrate and be proud of their football team in the city.

Watch the Scheffler and Raiola videos below.

  1. Joe Lucido says:

    I think Scheffler shows his immaturity when he does these little ridiculous celebrations, grow up kid, your supposed to be a professional, act like it.

    These guys are on a roll right now, play football and forget about the immature celebrations.

    It was not that long ago that these same guys were playing real lousy football. You have to earn respect in the NFL. And in the NFL, momentum can change on a dime. One injury can change everything, It’s a long season. Just play football. There still a lot of room for improvement.

    It’s finally good to be a fan of the Lions, don’t blow it. This guy is making a fool out of himself. It’s great to be excited about a good play that you make, but don’t think that people are not watching.

    This, it’s all about me mentality is just a distraction, and it can come back to haunt you. Does anyone remember the “Another one bites the dust” little diddly that they did a number of years ago. They made fools out of themselves then, and don’t think it can’t happen again. Learn from history, don’t repeat the mistakes of it.

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