LANSING (WWJ/AP) – A proposed state-level ban on a procedure opponents call “partial birth” abortion is getting final approval in the Republican-led Michigan Legislature.

A key bill in the proposal was approved by the House by a 75-34 vote Wednesday. The Senate approved the bill by a 29-9 vote, sending the measure to Republican Gov. Rick Snyder.

The measures are backed mostly by Republicans with support from some Democrats.

Michigan lawmakers have tried to enact a state-level ban multiple times in recent years without success because of vetoes from then-Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm and court rulings.

Snyder succeeded Granholm in January and is likely to sign the bill if it’s consistent with a federal law that already bans the late-term procedure.

Critics of the law say that the ban makes the state proposal redundant. Executive Director Renee Chelian of  Northland Family Planning Centers called the bill a “waste of taxpayer dollars.” (More on this, here).

Doctors will not be in violation of the new law if they believed the procedure is necessary to save the life of a mother.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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