DETROIT (WWJ) – Wayne County Airport Authority Director Turkia Mullin is returning a $200,000 dollar check from the county.

Mullin received the money when she left Wayne County to run the Wayne County Airport Authority. That payment was negotiated as she took over as a head of the county’s development office.

In a prepared statement, Mullin says that giving back the money was the best thing to do for both the county and the airport.

“This issue has become such a significant distraction that it has interfered with our ability to focus on operations.  It’s time to put this behind us and get back to work,” Mullin said in a statement. 
Ficano praised Mullin for her dedication to the job.
“There are not many people who would do the same thing in her shoes,” he said.  “It’s never been about money with Turkia.  She wants to do whatever is in the best interest of Wayne County.  I support her and look forward to watching her drive investment in and around the airport, just as she did here.”

Wayne County Commissioners are expected to hold a hearing about the payment.   Click on here to hear more from Commissioner Laura Cox as she is interviewed by WXYT’s Charlie Langton.

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  1. A Michigan Resident says:

    When elected public officials violate sound and just reasoning in using public funds there are two ways to respond

    1. Public outcry, criticism and challenge through electronic websites and media
    2. Remember and vote accordingly at the next election

    I think Michiganders have successfully worked item 1 in this event. Item 2 is still available for future problems

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