12:24 PM  Welcome to the ‘971theticket’ room.

12:26 PM  CBSDetroitModerator has enabled participation in the chat room.

12:27 PM  Mike valent: Mike Valenti

12:27 PM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: Welcome everyone the chat with Mike Valenti has now begun

12:28 PM  Mike valenti: god help me. Let’s go

12:29 PM  Conor: Hiya Mike what’s goin on

12:30 PM  Mike valenti: Ok, I’m here guys….let’s go.

12:30 PM  Conor: Do you think Burnett is gonna make it past the 5th inning?

12:30 PM  Mike valenti: No conor, I think burnett sucks and the tigers should shell him.

12:30 PM  Sean: Series over right Mike? Texas vs Detroit?

12:30 PM  Ryan: not a sports Q but Im new to the area and have a dillema. Im in charge of a party bus for a friends bachelor party. Any detrot or royal oak bars with hitting?

12:30 PM  Mike valenti: Sean it;s done. enjoy the ALCS vs Texas

12:31 PM  Sean: You don’t think Tampa has a shot? Good pitchers for the rays

12:31 PM  Mike valenti: Ryan alot of good spots in royal Oak, hit several. Depends what type you want

12:31 PM  Conor: I don’t understand why Gerardi was complaining about the strike zone, I thought it was fair. CC had a 6-0 with a 2.39 era going into that game with that same home plate umpire

12:31 PM  Mike valenti: Sean I didnt say they didnt have a shot did I? I simply gave my picjk

12:31 PM  Mike valenti: Because Girardi is a putz

12:31 PM  Sean: oh okay. well do you see texas taking it today or in game five?

12:31 PM  Mike valenti: Pulling a phil jackson

12:31 PM  Conor: Do you think thats Gerardi just saying we were outplayed?

12:31 PM  Mike valenti: I dont care what girardi was saying, he stinks.

12:32 PM  Ken: hello Mike….

12:32 PM  Sean: Girardi gave burnett the kiss of death by saying he was on a short leash

12:32 PM  Sean: according to Colin Cowherd

12:33 PM  Mike valenti: Sean he is always on short leash. Why does it matter? Guy is a mental midget and melts down.

12:33 PM  Conor: Do you think that in the ALCS the pitchers are going to pitch Young differently considering he’s a first pitch hitter

12:33 PM  Sean: Yeah but he has a good start every so often, its october, anything can happen

12:33 PM  Nick D: how about those LIONS!! i’m from Dallas and listen to the station all the time, i just wanted to give a shout out and say I’m so happy all the Dallas fans here were shut up on Sunday

12:33 PM  Sean: I guess I’m a pessimist

12:34 PM  Mike valenti: Conor people have caught on. He;s just executing and raking

12:34 PM  Ken: Am I crazy for thinng 11-5 for the lions for the lions and how do you REALLY feel about the MEEchigan Wolverines

12:34 PM  Ken: thinking*

12:34 PM  Conor: once MIchigan hits the big 10 I think it’ll be a different story a little bit

12:34 PM  Mike valenti ban: No not crazy 11-5 becomes more realistic as we go along. Win Monday night and it certainly is buy time

12:35 PM  Conor: I could see 8-4 at the end of the year

12:35 PM  Mike valenti ban: Michigan could go 8-4 but the season starts now. Lets see how they react.

12:35 PM  Ken ban: I feel you, who’s next for the tigers

12:35 PM  Mike valenti ban: Could lose @NW @ Iowa @ILL @ MSU vs Neb very easily

12:36 PM  Mike valenti ban: Rangers Ken, I cannot buy Tampa

12:36 PM  Conor: Has there been any update on Justin Durant from anything you’ve heard? I heard he was maybe in for Sunday

12:36 PM  Conor: Although Bobby Carpenter did a good job filling in

12:36 PM  Conor: Monday I mean

12:37 PM  Jason: Is Wisconsin really that much better than the rest of the Big 10?

12:38 PM  SammyMac: Mike what do you expect from Porcello tonight?

12:38 PM  Mike valenti ban: Yes they are. wisconsin is balanced. I fear them.

12:38 PM  Mike valenti ban: Sammy I assume he will be ok tonight. Tex and Arod are $55 million in poop. Bunch of guys like Posada are rollover kings. I think Tigs close it out.

12:38 PM  Jason: Any hope the Lions line gels?  Are you have nightmares of Pepper too?

12:39 PM  Ryan ban: Thanks for the heads up mike. I don’t want to bore or bog down your chat. I emailed you about the Roayl Oak bars. Any recommendations would be wonderful!

12:40 PM  Michael ban: Do you think the bye week helps or hurts Spartans? Thoughts on Cousins’ play vs buckeyes?

12:40 PM  Joey: You believe the curse of the SI cover?

12:40 PM  Conor: What do you see for the Red Wings this season?

12:40 PM  Mike valenti ban: helps mike, gel the line, two weeks to prepare for spread attack, I love it

12:41 PM  Mike valenti ban: conor i see good not great, might5 not win division…might. they will be ok though.

12:41 PM  Conor: I unfortunately sense another second round KO unless there’s some just amazing deadline pick-up

12:41 PM  Conor: they have the scratch for it for once

12:42 PM  Brian ban: If Persa plays on saturday against Michigan, does Northwestern become the runaway favorite in that game?

12:42 PM  Scott ban: Mike, do you like NW at +7.5 against Michigan?

12:42 PM  Mike valenti ban: No brian, no runaway favorites in most big 10 games, all teams not named Wisky pretty similar. I like NW to give Mich fits

12:42 PM  Mike valenti ban: Yes Scott I do

12:43 PM  Ken ban: AYe Mike,  does the station have “sit ins” where we can see the basic  run through of the show

12:43 PM  Mike valenti ban: no ken we do not , thank god

12:43 PM  Ken ban: lol

12:44 PM  Justin ban: How long do think AJ will go tonight?

12:44 PM  Conor: 5 innings max

12:44 PM  Mike valenti ban: long enough to lose the game justin he sucks

12:44 PM  Conor: I think he’s gonna get torched

12:45 PM  Conor: I think Valverde needs to work on his follow through instead of his dance moves on the mound a little bit

12:45 PM  Conor: Guy’s been a mess the first two games

12:45 PM  Scott ban: So you think the Tigers will win the series tongiht?

12:45 PM  Joey: Hasn’t blown anything though

12:45 PM  Mike valenti ban: yes scott i do

12:45 PM  Justin ban: He is a heart attack waiting to happen

12:46 PM  Michael ban: Mike, what do you think chances are that Lions are undefeated come Thanksgiving?

12:46 PM  Conor: Yeah but he can’t afford these 2 walk innings

12:46 PM  Brian ban: Do you think the Rays are done tonight or do they send it back to Texas?

12:46 PM  Dale ban: How big of a difference is AJ watching his past play-off succcess going to really mean?

12:46 PM  Mike valenti ban: 10% mike

12:46 PM  Conor: especially against the Rangers, they will make hhim pay

12:46 PM  Ken ban: Good Question Micheal

12:46 PM  JP: is it wishfull thinking for the Tigers to go after Prince Fielder and move Cabbera to 3rd?

12:46 PM  Jason: I can answer that for you JP – Yes

12:46 PM  Conor: absolutely

12:47 PM  Mike valenti ban: I dont believe Burnett has the mentakl toughness anymore to get it done. He has given up on himself and seems to just meltdown. The LAST guy I’d put out there tonight.

12:47 PM  Mike valenti ban: JP is on drugs. Waive to everyone

12:47 PM  Justin ban: why would they move cabrera to third they have Ingey? lol

12:47 PM  Conor: the great white hope

12:47 PM  Conor: pure michigan

12:47 PM  Jason: Will the Lions be able to handle Peppers?  Is Backus still effected by the injury or just getting old?

12:47 PM  Ken ban: lol

12:47 PM  Mike valenti ban: Jason Backus is just…Backus. Average.

12:47 PM  AZ ban: Burnett might suck but its not like Porcello has been anything spectacular, still a little nervous

12:48 PM  Conor: Porcello can still suck less and win

12:48 PM  Thomas: I’m going to stop my Inge hatred for the rest of the season… He got things started last night. Props to Inge and Santiago.

12:48 PM  Dale ban: If you were in Girardi’s shoes who would you start?

12:48 PM  Ken ban: Porcello is at home too

12:48 PM  Conor: The singing hot dog guy

12:48 PM  Brian ban: Mike, do you know anything about the atmosphere in East Lansing in the wake of Delvon Roe’s annoucnement last week? How are his teammates reacting?

12:48 PM  Conor: has a better chance than burnett I would say

12:48 PM  Jason: Should we give Enos more of chance at CMU?  He is looking terrible.

12:49 PM  Mike valenti ban: Porcello all day over Burnett.

12:49 PM  AZ ban: Not complaining just saying people are acting like its for sure, lets not get too excited but yes would rather have porcello

12:49 PM  Julius ban: im nervous today as well, porcello is now ace him self

12:49 PM  Mike valenti ban: Nio Jason, fire him so MSU can hire him as OC

12:49 PM  SammyMac19 ban: Mike how do you like the Tigs against TEX if they play in the ALCS?

12:49 PM  hrtuten ban: Now that part of your fear of epic Spartina collapse was alleviated last Sat., how do you see the next three games?  I got Spartina going 2-1.

12:49 PM  Jason: Please take him back, I was hoping he would have stayed after the MSU loss

12:49 PM  Julius ban: i agree porcello over burnett, but anythign can happen, NY has good at bats

12:49 PM  CBSDetroitModerator cleared messages from user Ronnie Mund.

12:50 PM  hrtuten ban: hrtuten

12:50 PM  Joey changed their nickname to Joey.

12:50 PM  Mike valenti ban: hrtuten…beat Michigan then talk. I need to see just how good this defense is. Do ANYTHING against Denard and Co. and yes we could split the two after

12:50 PM  Conor: Is anyone else wondering why Verlander didn’t just close out the game yesterday?

12:50 PM  JP: would Mark Dantonio coach at OSU?

12:50 PM  ValentiSlappy ban: Mike, you’re my hero!!!!

12:50 PM  Mike valenti ban: Texas cannot win here, Verlander in long series? Yes please.

12:50 PM  Jason: Why is Doug talking about using Pappa Grande tonight?  Seriously?

12:50 PM  ValentiSlappy ban: Boombaye!

12:50 PM  Mike valenti ban: Ask doug, I’m not getting inside his head.

12:51 PM  Jason: Your thoughts on it Valenti – would you really bring out Pappa Granda tonight in a save situation?

12:51 PM  Thomas: So you’re saying Tigs to the WS. Can they hang with the Phils?

12:51 PM  ValentiSlappy ban: Mike: Atlanta at home against Green Bay… Think Atlanta pulls it off?

12:51 PM  Mike valenti ban: Hell no, guy has thrown 53 pitches in two days and looked like *** last night. No thanks

12:51 PM  JP: Mike, would OSU take a shot at Mark Dantonio for next season?

12:51 PM  Julius ban: Hey mike if it were to go to game 5 do you think Fister can handle it on the road to pull a W

12:51 PM  Mike valenti ban: No, green Bay is sick

12:51 PM  Jay ban: Mike, would you go with Ramon tonight against AJ Burnett?

12:51 PM  AZ ban: and atlanta is garbage this year

12:52 PM  Mike valenti ban: Jay ramon shoukld play every game here on out.

12:52 PM  Jim Costa ban: What do you think of Michigan’s #12 ranking?

12:52 PM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: We have ten minutes left with Mike so get your questions in

12:52 PM  Brian ban: Is Green Bay as good as the 07 Pats were or better?

12:52 PM  Jay ban: Agreed

12:52 PM  Mike valenti ban: I think its cute costa.

12:52 PM  ValentiSlappy ban: As long as it’s not a 50 point win again, I’m good. Killin’ my fantasy teams!!!!1

12:52 PM  Michael ban: LOL #12

12:53 PM  Jim Costa ban: Haha so you are saying you arnt scared?

12:53 PM  Mike valenti ban: Why would I be scARED cOSTA? I fear teams like wisconsin…not Michigan.

12:53 PM  Julius ban: The Gardner Robinson duo seems sick so far

12:53 PM  Jason: Mike – Doesn’t CC remind you of an elephant seal?

12:53 PM  Quincy ban: Nebraska got crushed by Wisconsin; do you think that’s more a product of Wisconsin being good and actually having a talented QB, or was Nebraska overrated?

12:53 PM  Mike valenti ban: Both Q

12:54 PM  Mike valenti ban: Julius your mother and Dery would be a sick combo vs Minny. C’mon

12:54 PM  Julius ban: lmfaoooo i was waiting for that

12:54 PM  Brian ban: After being slammed by everyone coming into the draft, has Cam Newton done enough to prove himself as a legit threat at QB in this league after just four games?

12:54 PM  Scott ban: I can’t wait until Michigan has to play Bama next year and then Air Force the week after. can you see an 0-2 start?

12:54 PM  Jim Costa ban: I think Michigan is gunna give MSU a good game this year.

12:54 PM  Julius ban: you almost jinxed it last night, it would of been your mother hahahaah

12:54 PM  SammyMac19 ban: Mike do you think the Tigs can beat Philly based on Lee and Hamels both being lefties, Tigs can hit lefties, and Lee looks soft in playoffs now?

12:55 PM  Ken ban: Mike, just want to say Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to talk to listeners…  keep Terrance awake today…

12:55 PM  Jim ban: These Michigan slaps sure do love you Valenti, they can’t keep you out of their heads.

12:55 PM  Jay ban: Mike, what are your plans for MSU-UM?  Should I assume you’ll be at Spartan Stadium?  Will be there for my first college game.  Can’t wait!

12:55 PM  fortress ban: Mike wings startin er up this weekend.. Im feelin big things for pavel and the gang, thoughts?

12:55 PM  CBSDetroitModerator cleared messages from user you know who it is.

12:55 PM  Mike valenti ban: Phillies>tigers

12:55 PM  ValentiSlappy ban: Pheh… wings… *hangs up phone* Lions or GTFO. This is Detroit, Dammit!

12:55 PM  Michael ban: Mike, if Spartans win big against UM do we have a shot against Wisky? Thanks for taking time to chat

12:55 PM  Jim Costa ban: Is Wisconsin a national title contender?

12:55 PM  Brian ban: Brewers>Tigers???

12:56 PM  Mike valenti ban: I like Brewers but not sure they can make it through

12:56 PM  Mike valenti ban: I think so Jim but we’ll find out  next two weeks

12:56 PM  Scott ban: Mike, are you coming up to tailgate for the UM game?

12:56 PM  Julius ban: what do you think of leylands move to put in don kelly into the game last night, i think it payed off?

12:57 PM  Dale ban: Who is getting more out of his players Jim Schwartz or Jim Leyland?

12:57 PM  Mike valenti ban: yes scott. why wouldnt i?

12:57 PM  Mike valenti ban: This chat is headed downhill fast…

12:57 PM  Steve ban: Cousins’s eyes looked like he wasn’t all there competitively. We need the determined and goal focused leader from last year lest fall into mediocrity. Young D can take us only so far.

12:58 PM  Ken ban: when’s the next time you guy’s are at bookies????

12:58 PM  Brian ban: Are you going to get Terry’s dance partner on the show any time soon?

12:58 PM  Julius ban: its okay mike you can save us at 2 o clock

12:58 PM  ValentiSlappy ban: A lot of this is about as dumb as insecure people asking celebs to RT them on twitter because they’ll die if they dont

12:58 PM  Adam ban: Rumor is Leyland is going to start Santos to give Avila a rest…Thiughts?

12:58 PM  Josh ban: Mike is the bottom of the big ten, the worst you have ever seen?

12:58 PM  Justin ban: OU is -10 Saturday against Texas. I’m on the fence I think FSU was overrated so this should be the first test for OU and this game is always close, what do you think?

12:58 PM  FaheyCMU has been banned by CBSDetroitModerator.

12:58 PM  Jim Costa ban: Will the Lions/Packers game be a matchup of undefeated teams?

12:59 PM  Mike valenti ban: adam avila looked to roll his ankle last night, might not be bad idea. Burnett stinks

12:59 PM  Michael ban: Rumor has it Booty Lounge will be in EL next wknd LOL

12:59 PM  Brian ban: The Booty Loung is in EL every weekend. Except up there they call it the Brody complex.

12:59 PM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: Thanks to everyone who joined the chat. Mike will be live chatting again next Tuesday at 12:30PM


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