ROYAL OAK — RTT USA Inc., a leader in realtime 3D visualization software and services for product design and marketing, is helping Detroit Diesel digitally market their DD13, DD15 and DD16 BlueTec SCR Emissions Technology engines using 3D photorealistic imagery.

Detroit Diesel is leveraging the computer-graphic images in advertisements, online ( and on the road for presenting their heavy duty engines at trade shows across the country.

Using CAD files, RTT created a high-resolution, print-quality image and four photorealistic animations for each Detroit Diesel engine. One animation takes viewers on a full 360-degree tour of every exterior detail, while the other three focus specifically on high-performance internal features of that particular engine, including the exhaust gas recirculation, fuel system and turbochargers.

“RTT created 12 animations that allow Detroit Diesel’s sales team to take customers inside each engine to watch internal components in action – components that would be impossible to visualize on a physical model,” said Peter Stevenson, co-CEO of RTT. “Adding that visual aspect creates a stronger message and allows the engine to tell a unique story. We’re in the process of creating a comprehensive digital library for Detroit Diesel to use across all media platforms, as it’s proven to be a very effective marketing and sales solution.

3D visualization is becoming an increasing trend in the heavy duty industry, as it helps companies present their products in ways that haven’t been possible until recently. Photorealistic animations can take the place of physical models at offsite meetings at a client’s office or on the tradeshow floor, saving costs and allowing for additional sales opportunities.

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