DETROIT (WWJ) – The FBI is investigating a $200,000 severance deal given to former Wayne County Development Director Turkia Mullin. Michigan Attorney General spokesman John Selleck has confirmed that the FBI is looking into the deal.

“They confirmed to us that they will indeed take on an investigation of the Mullin situation. They’ll get started right away,” Selleck told WWJ Newsradio 950. “And that will put the other efforts on pause as the FBI continues to do an investigation.”

turkia awada mullin FBI To Investigate Wayne County Severance Deal

Turkia Mullin: (credit:

Mullins received the payout after leaving her old job to take over as chief executive of Detroit Metro Airport. She eventually gave the money back.

“When the situation first came to light it certainly didn’t pass the smell test. It wasn’t something that looked good for the tax payers,” Selleck said.

“So, now what we’ll be able to do is let the FBI, a unquestion investigative authority, look closely at the situation. We’ll let them do their work, not try to prejudge what their efforts are. We’ll wait until they’re done and everybody will be able to see at the same time what they found,” he said.

Following an internal investigation, Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano announced last Friday that two county employees were suspended and another fired over the severance debacle.

Mullin’s new job pays $250,000 per year. Wayne County currently faces a $160 million budget deficit.

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  1. Brick Wall says:

    Wayne County is corrupt. Someone should also investigate improprieties at The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office. The fact is the County settled out of court for a significant amount of taxpayer dollars, and covered up the offending parties conduct, also that police reports were filed against management for physical threats against employees, and again the County defended, and rewarded the offending individuals, including the elimination of the employees who cooperated with the investigation. This is abuse of taxpayer $, and failed management at the WCMEO. This is County Government, Police reports should be available, as well as any taxpayer money paid out in settlements of lawsuits filed against Wayne County. The Wayne County Medical Examiner justifies the failure of their required duties, because they are under funded, but an investigation will reveal that much of the funds allocated to the Medical Examiner’s Office is being received by Staff that are abusive, and not competent in their positions. Having witnessed violations of worker rights, violence against employees, and incompetent behavior by management, I am relieved to see some attention devoted to the inappropriate actions of the current administration. Hopefully justice will prevail….A concerned Taxpayer.

  2. Dan says:

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Wonder how this silliness has been going on. I think a few of those errogant management types should see the inside of the Wayne County jail !

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