By a) Mike Stone

10:41 AM  Welcome to the ‘971theticket’ room.

10:33 AM  Stoney971 ban: hello all

10:33 AM  Stoney971 ban: welcome to the chat..

10:35 AM  Stoney971 ban: your thoughts on lions and spartans

10:37 AM  dgordo ban: Lions need to start playing with passion and heart again!

10:37 AM  Stoney971 ban: its more of an urgency issue offensively if you ask me

10:38 AM  dgordo ban: yes if it does not happen soon we will see the same Lions from years past

10:39 AM  Stoney971 ban: thats the truth..this week is a big game..get to 6-2 at the bye would be huge

10:39 AM  dgordo ban: could’nt agree more with you Stoney…its almost like they tessed us

10:41 AM  MTU_971 ban: speaking of lack of heart, what’d you think of the Wings – Caps game?

10:42 AM  Stoney971 ban: sorry MTU did not see it..was not what i expected the score to be thats for sure.

10:43 AM  Stoney971 ban: fill me in why did they get killed so bad

10:43 AM  gp ban: The lions are just not clicking on all cylinders, offense, defense, and special teams.

10:43 AM  pt ban: what do u think about 3 and out

10:44 AM  Stoney971 ban: gp, you are correct..tis a problem..their coverage on kicks and punts are horrible

10:45 AM  Stafoooooooord ban: the wings got killed because of ty conklin and lack of offence

10:45 AM  Stoney971 ban: amazing how many 3 and outs they had..its very tough when they are too one dimensional

10:45 AM  MTU_971 ban: Penalty killing was an issue as well

10:45 AM  Stoney971 ban: one crappy game by the wings i can accept.

10:46 AM  Stafoooooooord ban: i just dont understand why ty is getting so much action. jimmy is more than capable of playing 60 games this year

10:47 AM  MTU_971 ban: Maybe Babcock/front office is looking at Jimmy in a career sense, not a season.

10:47 AM  Stoney971 ban: no problem with sense to burn him out early

10:47 AM  MTU_971 ban: Like a young pitcher

10:47 AM  Stoney971 ban: good point MTU

10:48 AM  dg1270 ban: People need to stop saying Stafford is a china doll. That injury could have happened to any QB.

10:48 AM  MTU_971 ban: I guess I’m worried about the 7 goals in that the Wings just didn’t seem too energized after they were down by 3

10:48 AM  MTU_971 ban: previous years, that team could score in bunches

10:48 AM  MTU_971 ban: Saturday, they looked beat

10:48 AM  Stoney971 ban: that is very true dg..injuries are flukes unless its a matter of conditioning, which this isn’t

10:48 AM  staffoooooord ban: the nhl is so soft now a days with goalies. when brouder was in his 20’s he was playing 75 games a year

10:49 AM  dg1270 ban: when should we find out more about his injury?

10:49 AM  staffoooooord ban: mri is today

10:49 AM  MTU_971 ban: 75 games taking 15-20 shots thanks to the team infront of him

10:49 AM  MTU_971 ban: and the system NJ played

10:49 AM  Stoney971 ban: i think if you are paying guys a couple hundred K you want them to play a little..but you are right..goalies are getting like pitchers

10:50 AM  Stoney971 ban: dont know if the NFL/Lions gesatapo will let us know the full extent of the injury

10:50 AM  dg1270 ban: it was cool hearin the diesel this morning as your co-host

10:50 AM  Mike ban: Before the injury, Stafford has looked different.  IHis face doesn’t have that confidence and fire.  Is it just me or have you noticed that?

10:50 AM  staffoooooord ban: if anything stafford will mis this week and maybe the bye. we can beat the broncos with shauney boy

10:51 AM  MTU_971 ban: Mike, I think that the 5 week adreniline rush is wearing off. That mundane routine of week-in week-out may be, well, boring to the young guys

10:51 AM  Stoney971 ban: diesel was fun..thats for sure

10:51 AM  Stoney971 ban: Mike, I think he is a little worried about his offensive line, but wont admit  it

10:52 AM  dg1270 ban: maybe im a glass half full guy but for god sakes they are still 5-2

10:52 AM  staffoooooord ban: or maybe hes too busy thinking about what hes gonna do to his gf after the game. shes a rockett

10:52 AM  Mike ban: True.  He’s had no time obviously and he’s not the fastest guy in the world

10:53 AM  Sean von ban: do you think is arm is hurt that why his throwing technique has been more sidearm?

10:53 AM  MTU_971 ban: 5-2 is good, I think we’re worried about not seeing the tendencies that won 5 games in the 2 games they lost

10:53 AM  Sean von ban: or that what we saw in two or three of those five wins suggests with out that good fortune this may have been a 7 -8 win team

10:53 AM  Sean von ban: now 9-10

10:53 AM  MTU_971 ban: exactly

10:54 AM  dg1270 ban: we all know the first 5 games they were pretty much playing over there heads. now they have come back down to earth a little and people act like they are going to lose the rest of their games

10:54 AM  Stoney971 ban: hard to say ..i still think if they win Sunday, they will get to 9 or 10..but if they lose its gonna be a more difficult challenge

10:54 AM  staffoooooord ban: the offense has looked liek ***

10:54 AM  staffoooooord ban: they need to work the ball down the field more

10:55 AM  Stoney971 ban: whats amazing is the national media was more impressed with them than the local media

10:55 AM  Sean von ban: like mr sharp they just loved the story

10:55 AM  dg1270 ban: i still see them winning 9 games maybe 10 if they get lucky

10:55 AM  Spartyparty ban: i would like to see deeper routes more often but with this O-line, it may not be possible

10:56 AM  staffoooooord ban: that may not be good enough for a wild card spot

10:56 AM  staffoooooord ban: f green bay

10:56 AM  Sean von ban: maybe that just being cynical but i dont belive they say much at all that isnt scripted for impact.  disengenious

10:57 AM  dg1270 ban: whatever that means

10:57 AM  staffoooooord ban: wtf r u sayin

10:57 AM  Stoney971 ban: it would be nice..but he underthrew a long pass yesterday

10:57 AM  Sean von ban: it means they are fans of reporting and journalism and will hype anything that makes for a good story line over what they belive

10:57 AM  staffoooooord ban: look at the year moss went wild. brady would throw it up. no matter what. calvin is better than moss was that year

10:57 AM  staffoooooord ban: lets throw it up more often

10:58 AM  dg1270 ban: still dont know wtf you are talking about

10:58 AM  Spartyparty ban: the point is, if Calvin is that fast and that big, its a no brainer

10:58 AM  Sean von ban: sorry cant help then stoney do you get what im saying

10:58 AM  dg1270 ban: what are you evern referring to?

10:58 AM  staffoooooord ban: stoney wants to get the f outtsa here. its almost 11 lol

10:58 AM  Sean von ban: when the national media was going nuts for the lions,

10:59 AM  dg1270 ban: oh ok then now it makes a little more sense

10:59 AM  Stoney971 ban: i understand..the national stuff.they love the little engione that could..detroit the undergog team from the underdog cioty

10:59 AM  Stoney971 ban: sorry about the spelling

11:00 AM  dg1270 ban: stoney on a happier note, you are one lucky dude sitting next to sarah every day. good eyes candy

11:00 AM  Stoney971 ban: yes i am

11:00 AM  dg1270 ban: bill

11:00 AM  dg1270 ban: not so much

11:00 AM  dg1270 ban: lol

11:01 AM  Stoney971 ban: his sugar hoots are not as

11:01 AM  Sean von ban: what bugs me about that most is that most dont even see anything unethical about it.  like sharp admitting he roots for the story last week.  JERK

11:01 AM  Spartyparty ban: you missed a great time saturday night

11:01 AM  Spartyparty ban: spartan stadium was rockin

11:01 AM  Stoney971 ban: great dopubt

11:01 AM  Stoney971 ban: man i cant spell today

11:01 AM  Spartyparty ban: today?

11:01 AM  CBSDetroitModerator mod: thanks for everyone joining the chat today Stoney will be on at the same time next week

11:01 AM  Sean von ban: so was cedar glen i susupect. assuming it hasnt already burned to the gorund or hbeen condemendd


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