DETROIT (WWJ) – What is the single thing that turns you off the most about the opposite sex — crooked teeth, a hairy back, stinky breath? A recent poll showed that poor personal hygiene tops the list of physical turnoffs.

Body odor takes the lead position with 47 percent of people saying it’s the number one physical turnoff, followed by bad breath with 41 percent saying it’s their most hated turnoff.

The top physical turn-offs are: 1.Body odor, 2.Bad breath, 3.Nasal hair, 4.Dirty hair, 5.Stained clothes, 6.Uni-brows, 7.Visible underwear, 8.Trying too hard, 9.Bitten nails and 10.Dirty ears.

Other turnoffs that didn’t make the top 10 include big feet, a big nose, too much body hair, bad skin, smoking and being overweight.

How do you feel? Weigh in at our poll or leave your suggestions below.


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