DETROIT (WWJ) – You could call it the “graying” of Michigan. As WWJ’s Rob Sanford reports, the average age of state residents is going up.

The Health Care Association of Michigan has completed a study that found state residents are aging at an ever faster pace.

“Michigan is an old state in terms of its aging population, and it’s growing older faster than most of the country,” said Dave Laumia, spokesman for the Health Care Association of Michigan.”

The study found that both the over 65 population and the over 85 population in Michigan are increasing more rapidly than the national average.

Other conclusions were that the caregiver population (between 25-44 years of age) has declined by more than 500,000 in Michigan during the last decade. This means fewer caregivers for a growing elderly population.


  1. Old Jabone says:

    I can vouch for that. I used to be young and now I’m 62. However don’t come pushing a walker in front of me or I’ll run you over. This is one old guy who is in better shape, better fitness and better health than the generations below me. My secret (and you should pay attention):

    Get strong, move fast, live long.

    Getting old is a great thing. It happens to you if your take care of your health.

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