DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit now has its own classy, brassy, big band-like song. Local restaurateur and entertainer Tony Vitale has written a loving ode to the tenacity of his hometown, and he calls it “That’s Detroit”:

“We’ve got something special, we’ve got something that no one else in the country has and we can use that and harness it to be the great power again, and I guess I hope this song is a call to action,” Vitale said.

Vitale runs the Mesquite Creek Grill in Clarkson and performs there on weekends. He says his Sinatra-esque tune is the Motor City’s answer to “New York New York”

“There’s so much happening and so much growing sometimes you’ve got to look for it a little bit, but there is a lot starting to happen and I think we are heading in the right direction. I think we just need to push harder,” said Vitale.

Vitale, who was a dancer and backup singer in Reba McIntyre’s nationally touring show, wants the world to know Detroit is a vibrant city with so much to see and do, and the most resilient people on the planet.

The video, which features dozens of location shots around town, is on YouTube.


  1. skorn says:

    GAY!!!! Thanks for bringing this song and causing the Tigers to lose and the Lions to break their losing streak….Wait does a cupcake like you even watch sports or know which team plays what sport?
    Couldn’t even finish watching this because it was so freakin cheesy…

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