(Detroit-WWJ) Two members of the “Occupy Detroit” protest movement were arrested for allegedly trying to disrupt the videotaping of a television show on the Wayne State University campus Wednesday.

The Detroit News reports that the pair, identified as Joel McGuire of Dearborn and Susie Reed, no address given, were arrested during a taping of the show that featured Duncan Niederauer, the chief executive of the New York Stock Exchange Euronext.

Witnesses told the newspaper that McGuire was led away after demanding to know why Niederauer hasn’t been arrested.

A short time later, Reed was apprehended for asking Niederauer about his accountability for the financial meltdown.

A lawyer who has been advising the Occupy Detroit protestors says McGuire and Reed are expected to appear in 36th District Court on misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges.

These are the first known arrests since Occupy Detroit set up an encampment in Grand Circus Park October 14.

(Copyright 2011 WWJ Newsradio 950. The Detroit News And The Associated Press Contributed To This Story)

Comments (3)
  1. Save Ourselves says:

    Occupy Detroit needs to get relevant to Michigan’s economy. They should be asking why Bob Eaton got $200 million for selling Chrysler and why Rick Wagoner got $25 million yearly salary for bankrupting GM. They need to be asking employment for 500,000 jobless Michigan workers. Detroit has its specific issues beyond Wall Street

  2. Susan Kocsis says:

    Anyone can criticize…why not join them and help expose the crimes you mention?

  3. Bill says:

    Who was Niederauer’s first wife and the mother of his oldest daughter? What happened to her??

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