I have a feeling that the torch of late night TV has been passed. I know everyone raves about the days of Letterman and how he was one of the best in the biz, as for Leno…. I think everyone hates him.

But the time of Letterman has passed, in my opinion, his jokes are stale and there is no real creativity on that show any longer.

Now who do I think the torch has been passed to… You could have made a point for Conan but with the whole feud with Leno over the Tonight Show and his weak ratings on TBS, not a lot of people are watching him. But last night he did bring back one of my favorite bits.

Some also would say that Jimmy Kimmel on ABC is the choice. I like Kimmel a lot, but sometimes his delivery is a little off. But the creativity on the show is good most of time. This is one of my favorite clips of the Kimmel show.

and the counter video was just as good

But after the last few weeks I have jumped on the Jimmy Fallon band wagon. Fallon has done some really funny bits. Here are a few:


Now I know Fallon isn’t the best at interviews but some of the bits and interactive stuff that he does with his guests are great. No other late night talk show host is as good at getting their guest to show a different side to themselves other that the one their publicist wants you to see. And I am sorry but when I watch Late Night TV I usually just fast forward through most of the interviews anyway.

If you think I am wrong or want to try and sway my vote to someone other than Fallon please let me know!

  1. Ncebamol says:

    Happy New Year! :)
    Cool animation!
    It has analogues ?
    UFO. Travel in Space. UFOEVE Travel 1

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