Detroit Health Dept: Policy Stands, Ace On Deathrow

UPDATE 11/10: Detroit Euthanizes Pit Bull ‘Ace’ Despite Court Ruling

UPDATE 11/9: ‘Ace’ Gets Court Reprieve; But Has He Already Been Put Down?

DETROIT (WWJ) – The Detroit health department says it will not be releasing an emaciated pit bull mix nicknamed Ace that was found over the weekend.

Bruce King, General Manager at the Detroit Health Department, says he’s heard all the appeals and the department will stick to city policy regarding pit bulls.

“I actually spoke with one of the representatives of K-9 Rescue and had a conversation with them and they understand our position,” said King.

“Our policy is that pit bulls are only released to certified and licensed owners,” he said.

Still, King says the department won’t give the dog back to its owner if he or she comes forward, because the owner was likely responsible for the dog’s condition.

Ace is expected to be euthanized Friday morning.

Members of the K9 Stray Rescue League said they will not give up and are trying to meet with Detroit Mayor Dave Bing. They say he is the only person who can save Ace at this point.

To visit the “Save Ace” Facebook page, click here.

More on this story, here

  • Aaron

    This is unbelievable. I’ve read through the entire city ordinance on Animal Control. There is no ordinance or actual law regarding pitbulls or bully breeds in the city of Detroit. It’s an excuse, and it needs to be investigated, along with the fact that the city of Detroit Animal Control has not turned in a shelter report to the department of Agriculture since 2005. Something doesn’t smell right with their policies.

    • Mark Cohan

      Sue the DAC officials and the city for killing this dog before his 4 day hold was up just because they could! fire em all too including health director!

  • Josephine

    Shame on you all if you do not give this poor dog a chance, especially when there are people willing to take and care for this dog. Save Ace.

  • Stephanie

    Why are you being so stubborn and not helping Ace to find a wonderful place to live. This isn’t his fault!! SAVE ACE!!!!

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  • Wendy

    This is UNREAL!! I rescued my pit bull Sharlotte when she was about 2 yrs from Ecorse Michigan and they have a ban on pit bulls there. She’s been the best dog! ! When I got her my boys were 2 and 3yrs.I’ve never saw any aggression in her! Only love for my children. Now she’s 8 and so in is youngest son. My son calls her his” best friend!!” I know if this was a lab or any typical “family” dog there would be no problem! Pit bulls are family dogs! People who don’t have them don’t know the truth!! The media makes a huge thing about them. Lets change things and have more of a open mind and learn what the breed is all about!! Please give Ace the chance that he needs! I’m sure glad that we did with our “Sharlotte!”

  • Charlie Langton: Ace Is A Little Dog Digging Up A Big Problem « CBS Detroit

    […] If no owner is found, the dog will be killed. […]

  • Janet Hill

    Thank you Charlie Langton and Hush for getting this story out in front of everyone.

  • Common sense Detroiter

    Good for Detroit. I’d rather take a euthanized dog than a mauled human.

    I wonder what priorities these dog advocacy groups have. (Insert inordinate rage at Michael Vick from the Pitbull Lovers, complete with a wish for his castration, here)

    • laurie green

      Common sense Detroiter – you sir or madam are a complete and utter D-bag. This dog was defenseless and dying, This dog could have been saved by the very humans put on this planet to protect hiim. He did nothing wrong but be born the wrong breed. Anyone who utters a word in defense of Monster Vick need not ever cross my path.

  • ‘Ace’ Gets Judges Reprieve; But Has He Already Been Put Down? « CBS Detroit

    […] the Detroit Health Department told WWJ that under their policy, ‘Ace’ would be put down on Friday. Share this No comments […]

  • Robin Brown

    Truly SHAMEFUL and cowardly action by the officials in the city of Detroit. With a win-win solution available they were hamstrung and lacking integrity to do the RIGHT thing here and will no doubt pass the buck about who is responsible for this absolute FAILURE on their part. The whole nation grieves at the lack of common sense demonstrated by the city of Detroit and its handling of ACE the dog. :o(

  • Detroit Euthanizes Pit Bull ‘Ace’ Despite Court Ruling « CBS Detroit

    […] Animal Control does not adopt out or release pit bulls or pit bull mixes unless it’s back to the dogs’ original owners. The owner must establish proof of ownership, such as a dog license or veterinary […]

  • Detroit Euthanizes Pit Bull ‘Ace’ Despite Court Ruling (Repost From CBS Detroit) « kisstheanimalsgoodbye

    […] Animal Control does not adopt out or release pit bulls or pit bull mixes unless it’s back to the dogs’ original owners. The owner must establish proof of ownership, such as a dog license or veterinary […]

  • Isaac Cox

    Negative news – Syria’s ‘mutilation mystery’ increases…

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