EAST LANSING (AP) – A public electric-vehicle charging station has opened on the Michigan State University campus.

The East Lansing school says the charging station in the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center is the first of several on-campus stations designated for public use. Faculty, staff and students also can use it.

Cost is $2.50 per hour, which also covers parking fees. The station accepts credit or debit cards.

The station is a joint project of the university and Lansing Board of Water & Light. The installation was paid for by a grant from the U.S. Energy Department.

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  1. Payal says:

    Cheers for posting this, Matt; a rlaley enlightening read about a station that’s one of my favourites. Since I discovered Radio Nova, it’s become the channel I listen to most at home. Two things I’ve noticed about it: – the rotation of tracks in daytime is just as heavy as the likes of Heart or Magic. However, if a track is on Nova it tends not to be on other stations; they played 1234 by Feist months before it got used on that iPod advert and broke into the mainstream. It’s certainly not the mixed-up 70s ILR station Howard is referring to; its output does cross genres, but it maintains an extremely consistent, quite urban sound .- they do attract sponsorship from big-name brands. Orange, Levi’s and the Intermarche9 supermarket are all regularly heard, with Levi’s sponsoring station events. I get the impression that while Nova’s not a particularly popular station, it’s become a cool brand that these others want to be associated with. I’m not entirely sure why a station such as Nova seems to thrive in Paris (and a few other French cities where it has transmitters) when I imagine it would flop if the same format launched in London or Manchester. Cultural differences could play a key part; for some (technical?) reason Paris has around 60 FM frequencies available with all sorts of programmes on them so choice and plurality are the norm there. PS. Could you possibly make your comment box a bit bigger? It could just be my computer, but it only seems to accommodate five lines.

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