DETROIT (WWJ) – Five Arab-American families from Dearborn will be the stars of a new reality tv series which begins airing Sunday night on TLC.  The regional director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Imad Hamad, welcomes the series.

Reportedly, a Facebook page has started with calls to boycott the show, because it says it’s trying to make America accept Islam without showing the truth.  Hamad says people can see the show and judge for themselves.

He says there will be isolated voices with negative attitudes when it comes to Islam … something they can’t be concerned about because it’s America and they’re entitled to their opinion.

“I invite all just to have a chance to see it and learn … something new or add to what they know about Muslim-Americans where they are projected in the right, positive image,” Hamad said.

“And there will be many folks, unfortunately, many isolated voices that will , regardless what it is … when it comes to the fate of Islam … they gonna have this negative attitude … this is not our concern. They are not worthy of our attention.  They are free to do what they like. This is America. God bless America,” said Hamad.

“All-American Muslim” will air Sunday night on TLC.

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  1. dieshard says:

    Take this program for what it is PROPAGANDA !!! This program MUST be banned and the sponsors boycotted. I live very, very near Dearborn(istan) Michigan and muzzslums are hate filled animals. Boycott this propagandist program!!!

  2. Reg says:

    So nice the TV Muslims. This is nothing but propaganda and anyone with a brain will see that. Jeff the Irish Catholic who converted should have just stabbed his family I could have cried for his Mother. No matter how hard it’s forced on us the American people are not going to be swayed by this Islamic propaganda! Will the next show be about the “Nice Nazi’s”? I will boycott this show and TLC!!!!!!

  3. Lucile Hunaiti says:

    I tell all of you that the TLC did not chose the right people to represent islam. from the first episode i can say the following
    1. you can not change your religion to MOSLEM JUST TO MARRY TO A MOSLEM GIRL. there is compulsion in islam.
    2. The catholic person is more modest than that girl.
    3. belly dance is not part of islam nor drinking or wearing semi naked clothes.
    TLC Will never approach real moslems to be part of the show.
    Most of the moslems in this show are from lebanon which has a shiaat majority, and that is so different from the Sunni moslems.

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