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Read the recap from today’s live chat with Stoney from The Ticket Morning Show.

10:28 AM Welcome to the ‘971theticket’ room.
10:16 AM CBSDetroitModerator: Standby. We’ll open up the room with Stoney at 10:30.
10:23 AM CBSDetroitModerator: We’re going to open up a little early today. Stoney will be in shortly. Post a comment or question now.
10:29 AM Chachie: Can you imagine how dominating Cam Neely could’ve been if it wasn’t for Ulf and the injuries?
10:30 AM Stoney971: Whats happenig folks.
10:30 AM Stoney971: Lots of stuff to talk awauy..Lions,SPartans,Wolverines
10:30 AM Stoney971: Chachie..He could have been the best power forward ever
10:31 AM Chachie: so sad but the memories live on!
10:31 AM DJ: Hello Stoney
10:31 AM Stoney971: hello
10:32 AM DJ: What an embarrassing loss for the Lions yesterday
10:32 AM DJ: I am the one who guaranteed that the Lions would win at Lambeau this year. I said that last week
10:33 AM Stoney971: they still can DJ..remember many teams have had horrific losses this season. even real good ones.look at Baltimore yesterdat
10:33 AM Stoney971: yesterday
10:35 AM Tom Sizzle: Speaking of Baltimore, the other day Pat ‘the homer’ Caputo mentioned how Ngata wasn’t nearly as good as Suh, and that Suh is the most dominant DT in football. However…
10:35 AM Tom Sizzle: This speaks to how little he watches teams outside of Detroit play. Ngata has dominated for YEARS. Sometimes, Pat just embarrasses himself…
10:36 AM Chachie: who would you hather have backing you up…Dave Schultz or Terry O’ Reilly?
10:36 AM Stoney971: I think Ngata has done more in his career thusfar. How can you call Pat a homer. He is Mr.Neutral
10:36 AM Morty222: Lions 7-9
10:36 AM DJ: Oh I know Stoney. I am not giving up on my team and I still am guaranteeing a win at Lambeau
10:36 AM DJ: Lions will finish 11-5
10:36 AM Tom Sizzle: You’re kidding,Stoney. Come on, man. Please tell me you’re kidding…
10:36 AM Morty222: LOL no chance
10:36 AM Jerry: If the Lions are claiming wind as a excuse…Why wouldnt they make adjustments…Why not even Bring Stanton in as a running qb when game was essentially over?
10:36 AM DJ: Yes there is a chance and this defense will be the key to it
10:36 AM Stoney971: Schultz was better fighter..Oreilly better all around player
10:37 AM Stoney971: come on could not tell my sarcasm
10:37 AM DJ: Morty you have to admit the defense did not play bad yesterday
10:37 AM Tom Sizzle: Ok LOL
10:37 AM Tom Sizzle: I had to make sure first. :)
10:37 AM Stoney971: i still think 9-7…if they lose Sunday I think its over
10:37 AM Morty222: Tough D, i like the rough play
10:37 AM DJ: 11-5
10:38 AM Tom Sizzle: Any teeth to this “Reyes is about to be a Marlin” talk?
10:38 AM Dtwn92: 9-7 10- 6 this team isn’t ready yet. Still a lot to learn.
10:38 AM DJ: Mark my words..we win Sunday and we will win on Thanksgiving and at New Orleans as well
10:38 AM Jerry: Falcons Bears and Cowboys are looking like wild card teams…Lions cannot win without a run scheme
10:38 AM Morty222: Michigan beat Nebraska saturday?
10:38 AM Tom Sizzle: Oh my… DJ, I hope you’re right but man, that’s a lot to ask for.
10:38 AM Stoney971: so basically DJ you think they split with Green Bay and lose to New Orleans and thats it?
10:38 AM DJ: Lions were doing good with the run yesterday but they had to give up on it after falling behind
10:39 AM DJ: I know it is a lot to ask for Tom but have faith in the Bad Boys…we can do it
10:39 AM Dtwn92: Jerry its not a “scheme” its a huge part of this game. Stafford shouldn’t hae to throw the ball 62 tines a game, specially when the RCV’rs arent holding on to the ball.
10:39 AM Stoney971: i think Michigan will win Saturday..thats the kiss of death,knowing my history
10:39 AM Tom Sizzle: Can anyone beat LSU? I don’t see it. That defense is elite. Not sure Ok St. has seen anything close to that type of a defense.
10:39 AM Morty222: Think the Buckeyes will stroll in to AA and win again?
10:40 AM Stoney971: he should not be throwing 63 times..but when you are that far behind..i understand it..
10:40 AM DJ: No Stoney I think we will win both games against Green Bay this year. They can do it. And we will win at New Orleans. I think we will lose at Oakland and at home against San Diego
10:40 AM Benny: Good Stoney. Give U of M every kiss of death you can
10:40 AM Stoney971: i would have run at leas once from the redzone
10:40 AM Stoney971: DJ i think you need to be drug tested
10:40 AM DJ: Yes at the redzone they need to run more…this pass happy team will not work down there
10:41 AM Tom Sizzle: hahaha
10:41 AM Tom Sizzle: Pat Caputo, is that you?
10:41 AM DJ: No Stoney…I do not do any drugs…lol. But I am drinking the Honolulu Blue and Silver Kool Aid
10:41 AM Morty222: Hey Stoney, they allow retards on the 97.1 chat? “No Stoney I think we will win both games against Green Bay this year”…………..LMFAO
10:41 AM Jerry: Im not even that confident against Carolina….
10:42 AM Dtwn92: You know its pat if you get cut off mid sentence before you finish a sentence. He is good and saying what you think.
10:42 AM Stoney971: Caputo is a treasure. and i mean that…we are all different
10:42 AM DJ: Morty I am not retarded and that remark was uncalled for
10:42 AM Benny: “C’com you know. Okay”
10:42 AM Tom Sizzle: I think they’ll handle Carolina, but it will be close. Once again, it’s going to be about stopping the run. Cam, J-Stew and Deangelo can be a load. The offense has to be better than they’ve been, too.
10:42 AM Conor: Why does everyone think the Lions are dirty
10:43 AM Morty222: Green Bay will run the Lions up n down the field, neither game will be close. 14pt wins for Packers in both games.
10:43 AM DJ: You are the one thinking the Lions have no chance well then take your unloyal self to another teams site then
10:43 AM Conor: If any team played like this ten years ago, I don’t think anyone would say anything about this
10:43 AM Stoney971: conor, have you watched them play..plenty of evidence
10:43 AM Tom Sizzle: Conor, that’s the state of the NFL now. Aggression = dirty, unfortunately. Although they lost their cool lately, and they’ve made some plays that are certainly dirty.
10:43 AM Morty222: This is for Lions only? I didnt see that posted????
10:43 AM Stoney971: its not Morty
10:43 AM Conor: I can kind of understand the Stafford thing but I think he didn’t rip him down to the point where Moore needed to basically cry about it
10:43 AM Dtwn92: Of course you guys are Stoney but it’d be nice to hear a caller talk on pats show…I mean more than “hello Pat, love the show” “well ya know caller I disagree”
10:44 AM DJ: No it is not for Lions only but there was no need to call me retarded ok
10:44 AM Morty222: Ok moron, sorry
10:44 AM DJ: I was not on here to call you names and if you want to put down the team you have that right but you will not come on here and call me names
10:44 AM Tom Sizzle: Stoney… next year’s draft (I know, it’s early…) but what two positions are you going to shore up if you’re in the war room? To me, it seems like OL and LB need to be addressed.
10:44 AM Stoney971: it was Fairley penalty..Suh ripping Cutler helmet off
10:44 AM Dtwn92: wow with the name calling….is this Chicago guys?
10:44 AM Jerry: Did you notice Calvin Johnson did not join in on postgame handshakes? CJ was targeted yesterday and Peppers hit to cause fumble was penalty based on what has been called this year
10:44 AM DJ: Morty sounds more like Moron than DJ does
10:44 AM Conor: I am not much of a tackling genius but I kinda thought maybe the whole thing began because of the clothesline hit on johnson
10:45 AM Morty222 has been banned by CBSDetroitModerator.
10:45 AM DJ: Thank you
10:45 AM Stoney971: definitely offensive line,lb, and db
10:45 AM Dtwn92: CJ was doing the concussion test
10:45 AM DJ: I am sorry everyone. Morty kind of got me upset calling me reatded. I am sorry Stoney
10:46 AM DJ: Now that he is banned I do believe that the Lions can do it
10:46 AM Conor: I think if there’s no Harbaugh incident and players ignore Suh as being the dirtiest player in the league.. I say the entire team doesn’t get the “dirty” label
10:46 AM Tom Sizzle: I agree, Stoney. I can’t take another season of watching this O-line look so pitiful. If they can draft well there and maybe sign a FA, that would be a huge step.
10:46 AM Stoney971: they still get the label..they are borderline..
10:46 AM Conor: When are they planning in integrating Davis and Smith into the lineup?
10:46 AM DoGgyTV: Negro, What’s the word? U need a few suits Stoney…DoGgy
10:46 AM DJ: They need Davis in the lineup on this line
10:47 AM Jerry: Fairley hit was blatant
10:47 AM Conor: If it happened yesterday then my bad, I turned it off at half
10:47 AM DJ: Imagine in Fairley and Suh play together
10:47 AM DoGgyTV: Wow, live chat. Times have changed
10:47 AM Banning failed. You cannot ban a chat moderator.
10:47 AM DoGgyTV has been banned by CBSDetroitModerator.
10:47 AM Conor: How bout them Wings guys :)
10:48 AM Conor: Jimmy Howard for the Veizna?
10:48 AM Conor: not sure on the spelling
10:48 AM DJ: Yes hOward is playing great
10:48 AM DJ: I mean Howard
10:48 AM Stoney971: Wings looking good right now..but streaky..a little too early on Vezina..lets get through Cy Young first
10:48 AM Jerry: Matt Sheppard tweeted after Staffords 2nd pick 6, that anybody who thinks Stafford should be taken out is a idiot/What was Shep smoking?
10:48 AM DJ: Who do you think will win the American League MVP Stoney?
10:49 AM Conor: Yeah that is gonna be interesting for sure
10:49 AM Brian: Stoney, who was your stonehead of the week?
10:49 AM Tom Sizzle: Question to anyone: If you’re the Tigers GM, and you can sign either Aramis Ramirez or trade for Prado without giving up one of the top four chips.. which do you prefer?
10:49 AM Conor: Have they been looking a little more closely at 2nd base because of Aaron HIll to the Dbacks
10:50 AM Conor: I heard on the rumor mill a few weeks ago of a possible Prado Jurrjens trade to the Tigs
10:50 AM Steven Rickington: Lions collapse coming?
10:50 AM Conor: but no tiger players were mentioned on who would go
10:50 AM Stoney971: then i am an idiot…altough i know coaches never take qbs out
10:50 AM Benny: Lions collapse may be here
10:50 AM Stoney971: i would sign Ramirez..but thats just me
10:50 AM Conor: Personally I would take Prado, I think Ramierez would want too mcuh
10:50 AM Tom Sizzle: Yes, Conor. I heard that as well. That’s why I’m intrigued. Prado is versatile and still young. Jurrjens would be a nice upgrade. Ramirez is getting up there in age, but still productive.
10:50 AM Jerry: Was ridiculous to keep Stafford in…hes obviously not right
10:50 AM Stoney971: i think Granderson is gonna win it..but i would vote for Verlander
10:50 AM Benny: Aram for sure. Big bat and a decent 3rd glove
10:51 AM Conor: Yeah exactly, I could deal with Inge for one more year to be honest
10:51 AM Brian: Start Hill on Sunday, and rest Glassford for the GB game
10:51 AM Steven Rickington: Sign Buehrle
10:51 AM Stoney971: i would not do that Brian
10:51 AM Conor: but we can’t afford a 5 man rotation at 2nd base
10:51 AM DJ: I would love to see Verlander win it too Stoney but I think Curtis Granderson will win it too. Cabrera deserves to be mentioned but we all know if you are not a Yankee or Red Sox then good luck
10:51 AM Tom Sizzle: Tough call… both present upgrades. Ramirez doesn’t cost prospects, but will demand good money. Prado and Jurrjens are pretty cost controlled, but would cost prospects (likely Oliver).
10:51 AM Brian: Carolina is a garbage team, they can beat them with HIll
10:51 AM Stoney971: Buehrle makes sense, but cost too many cents
10:52 AM Steven Rickington: That’s a horrible line
10:52 AM Conor: Jurrjens is only making like 5 mil a year I think
10:52 AM Steven Rickington: Sign Bruce Chen
10:52 AM DJ: I would love to have Prado or Ramirez
10:52 AM Conor: ?you can’t argue with his production I would give some prospects up
10:52 AM Conor: but keep turner
10:52 AM Tom Sizzle: Yankees don’t get as much love in the voting as they used to. Look at the gold gloves, for instance. Brett Gardner led every outfielder in defensive metrics, but didn’t even come close to winning one.
10:52 AM DJ: yes keep turner
10:52 AM DJ: That is true Tom
10:52 AM Tom Sizzle: And he led it by a mile, too
10:53 AM Stoney971: i like chen for cheap
10:53 AM DJ: I like Chen too
10:53 AM DJ: But would love to have Jurjens back
10:53 AM Steven Rickington: I like signing Chen just so he can’t lock us up 5 times…
10:53 AM Conor: My friends are idiots and think that Kershaw is a legit possibility
10:53 AM Conor: Because of the state of the franchise
10:53 AM Stoney971: good point steve
10:53 AM Conor: I would love to have him but good luck
10:54 AM Stoney971: I would worry about Jurjens injury history
10:54 AM DJ: yes good luck on Kershaw…lol
10:54 AM Jerry: Kershaw? I dont think so…
10:54 AM Tom Sizzle: Yes, Stoney. Absolutely. That’s a big concern.
10:54 AM Conor: My friends said this, not me… just wanna clear that up :) haha
10:54 AM DJ: True
10:54 AM Morty222: Carolina 23 – Lions 19
10:54 AM Jerry: hes a 20 million dollar pitcher
10:54 AM Tom Sizzle: But I do like Prado. I think he’s a nice fit. Somewhat like a young Polanco.
10:54 AM Steven Rickington: Jurrjens. Transitioning to the AL after a nice season and a half + injuries in the NL? Pass.
10:54 AM Tom Sizzle: Not as slick with the glove, though.
10:54 AM Conor: I hear Santago might be going to the PIrates
10:55 AM Steven Rickington: Gotta dump Porcello on some dumb NL team man.
10:55 AM Stoney971: Morty Morty..You cant be right
10:55 AM Jerry: Stoney, do you think Eagles will fire Reid?
10:55 AM Conor: Just makes me laugh that the indians gave away their entire farm system for Ubaldo… oops
10:55 AM Stoney971: i say 70 percent yes
10:55 AM Tom Sizzle: Wow.
10:56 AM Jerry: And what a ridiculous call by Falcons Coach…he should be fired too
10:56 AM Conor: oh yeah that was terrible
10:56 AM Stoney971: Dont sleep on Ubaldo..if he is healthy next year lookout
10:56 AM Tom Sizzle: Agreed, Conor. I was so excited when the Tigers didn’t get him. If you look on Fangraphs, you can see how his velocity and breaking pitches are falling off of a cliff already. Fister over him was HUGE
10:56 AM Steven Rickington: Ubaldo stinks.
10:56 AM Conor: I think his best years are behind him
10:56 AM Morty880: Carolina 23 – Lions 19
10:56 AM Stoney971: Mike Smith was my stonehead last night, but there are stats that back up his decision
10:57 AM Conor: If we can lock up one more pitcher I think we could take the AL
10:57 AM Jerry: Morninweg move
10:57 AM Stoney971: enough with the negativity Morty
10:57 AM Steven Rickington: Had one good half season. He has a crazy name so he’s considered great. If his name was Mark Smith he’d be a complete unknown.
10:58 AM Jerry: Michigan wins this weekend…Defense will make some stops and Nebraska will not be able to score with Mich
10:58 AM Tom Sizzle: Prediction of the Packers/Vikings final score tonight? Close game, or a blowout?
10:58 AM Conor: We just really need a left handed starter not named Phil Coke
10:58 AM Morty880: Im not being negative, I like the lions, I just think they need more time, they are not a 12-4 team like people are saying
10:58 AM Jerry: Packers 45-13
10:58 AM Stoney971: 33-20 Packers
10:58 AM Tom Sizzle: Wow, lol.. well, Jerry I hope that Jordy Nelson is a big part of that score. :)
10:58 AM Stoney971: TWO MINUTE WARNING
10:58 AM Steven Rickington: MSU will beat Wisconsin again. And everyone will discount it for some reason. It’ll be great.
10:58 AM Conor: Whatever the score I don’t think AP can get 56 points for fantasy so I win :)
10:59 AM Tom Sizzle: LSU vs. Ok St. Who wins?
10:59 AM Jerry: Stoney…who wins Walled Lake Western v Lowell?
10:59 AM Stoney971: if they beat the Badgers again,nobody will discount it
10:59 AM CBSDetroitModerator: Only time for a few more questions.
10:59 AM Conor: Stoney uou should stick around
10:59 AM Conor: Let us play Evan!
10:59 AM Stoney971: Lowell
10:59 AM Stoney971: Evan not here. and today i cant hang out like i usually do
10:59 AM Tom Sizzle: Can you believe that Ecorse is in the semi-finals??? Those kids always went 1-8. Good to see a small school that’s been irrelevant for so long turn it around like that.
10:59 AM DJ: enough morty 10:59 AM Razzing: Michigan or Ohio State?
11:00 AM Jerry: Watch out for a Western upset..thanks for chat Stoney
11:00 AM Steven Rickington: Stoney… MSU hammered Wisconsin last year. And it was discounted. They beat them this year. And it was discounted. It’s the way things work.
11:00 AM Conor: Its nbeen fun all, enjoy the day
11:00 AM DJ: The Lions will finish 11-5
11:00 AM DJ: have a good day everyone
11:00 AM Razzing: LOL DJ, thats funny
11:00 AM Tom Sizzle: Yes, but Iowa is not a measuring stick. If people really think of them in that way, then MSU is clearly not on that next level yet.
11:00 AM Stoney971: 11-5 is a good way to get here with a nice laugh…..
11:01 AM Razzing: Michigan or Ohio State?
11:01 AM Steven Rickington: Who mentioned Iowa? Do you people read?
11:01 AM Stoney971: Have a great week..and please call the show from 6-10..we appreciate it
11:01 AM Stoney971: and thanks for chatting
11:01 AM Tom Sizzle: I did. If you don’t like that, read someone elses post, Steven.
11:01 AM Razzing: DJ is retarded
11:02 AM Steven Rickington: I mean. Nobody mentioned Iowa dude…
11:02 AM DJ: Razzing is gay
11:02 AM Tom Sizzle: Again. I did.
11:02 AM CBSDetroitModerator: Hey now… keep it respectful guys. I’ll boot ya.
11:02 AM Steven Rickington: But who mentioned Iowa as a measuring stick? Make sense please…
11:02 AM DJ: Well they have been calling me names all day
11:02 AM Razzing: He called me gay, thats way over the line sire
11:03 AM DJ: All because I am believeing in my team unlike the others
11:03 AM Tom Sizzle: Try listening to the media some time. Many outlets considered Iowa a measuring stick simply because they’re tough at home.
11:03 AM DJ: And you called me retarded and that was way over the line
11:03 AM Steven Rickington: But. Nobody did here… Though… So… Huh?
11:03 AM Razzing: He should be ban, attacking me on a public chat because I am gay……this cannot be allowed
11:03 AM Tom Sizzle: Oh, I see. Focus on this particular chat and ignore everything else. I got it. Life with blinders. So fun.
11:04 AM Razzing has been banned by CBSDetroitModerator.
11:04 AM DJ has been banned by CBSDetroitModerator.
11:04 AM Steven Rickington: Poor Tom. Just has no idea how to make sense.
11:05 AM Steven Rickington: Winning at Iowa is actually pretty big. Blowing them out is GREAT.
11:05 AM Tom Sizzle: Enjoy that bubble you live in. “Please don’t say anything negative about MSU. I can’t take it!”
11:05 AM Steven Rickington: You didn’t say anything negative. You didn’t say anything at all. It made no sense. Actually.
11:06 AM CBSDetroitModerator: Alright. I’m closing up shop for today. Join us back here soon for the next 97.1 The Ticket Live Chat.
11:06 AM Steven Rickington: SHUT UP
11:06 AM Tom Sizzle: I explained that other outlets made this reference. Again, if you fail to comprehend that, perhaps you should find someone else to
respond to. I don’t enjoy talking to simpletons.
11:06 AM Steven Rickington: I’m great though.
11:06 AM CBSDetroitModerator has disabled participation in the chat room.


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