DETROIT (WWJ) – A business owned by one-time associate and friend of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was raided Wednesday by the FBI.

Reporting from outside Ferguson Enterprises on Wyoming, WWJ’s Marie Osborne said agents have been scouring the offices Bobby Ferguson, a former city contractor.

Agents won’t say what they’re looking for.

The raid comes on the same day the U.S. Attorney’s Office has filed a superseding indictment that alleges seven new money laundering charges against Ferguson. The charges are related to Ferguson’s alleged attempts to conceal $1.7 million in extorted payments for projects that were never completed.

 – View a copy of the indictment –

The superseding indictment that alleges seven new money laundering charges against Ferguson, who is a former city contractor. The charges are related to Ferguson’s alleged attempts to conceal $1.7 million in extorted payments for projects that were never completed.

Ferguson and Kilpatrick, along with two others, have already been accused racketeering in a scheme involving the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. That trial is set to begin next year.

In yet another matter, Ferguson is already accused of falsifying bids and money laundering in connection with a multi-million dollar housing development. That trial was supposed to begin in September but was delayed.

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  1. Maggie Mae says:

    This is why the city of Detroit it broke! Kwamne & family, Bobby Ferguson and his groups cleaned the city dry. GO ‘EM FBI!

  2. wilbur says:

    LMAO. I bet KK isnt smiling NOW!!! I hope he gets PRISON time again but for a long long time. I hope they look into that murder also which i believe that they commited. They need to get him on tax evasion also, he collected money but didnt pay any taxes on it. Maybe he will end up like CAPON.

  3. wilbur says:

    HEY KK WIFE I GUESS YOU WILL NEED TO GET A JOB AFTER ALL! LMAO of course if they investigate that murder alittle further you just may go to prison lol. They do have a file on you hitting TG so thats should be A/B meaning you still should go to prison anyways. Dont that suck KK wife you married a criminal you . All of you are a up-dated version of a MOB CRIME FAMILY. The Book is 1/2 right, THE RISE AND FALL.

    1. Letsekha says:

      I just have to say, you gotta love these globalist dtrgbais eh Craig? Patrick Nolan, if you can tell Craig what to do then logically that means, I can turn around and do the same to you so shut up you globalist eugenicist the hand that feeds you will one day strangle you you and your kind are nothing more than useless eaters or useful slaves to your precious new old world order motley crew of gangsters why don’t you just go back to your slave labour, mind deadening job and continue ignoring your fluoridated MK mind controlled disney television raised products you call offspring and keep tellin’ yourself, This can’t be true, this can’t be happening! when they are cavity searching you while processing you at the camps (made just for you and your family, no less) for you are nothing more than a sacrificial blood bag to the elite and why don’t you keep guzzlin’ your liver killing poisons, idolizin’ mere men who play with balls (no less) and stay medi-cin-eeeee-cated by all those wonder pills you choke down every day just to be able to get outta bed what does it matter anyways? They offer your unborn children to the dead false god Molech (of satan’s kingdom) in the name of pro-choice and you don’t even believe there is a devil lol Dead dogs are they all Lord Let God be true and every man a liar. Selah. If you don’t repent, you will burn for sure. Lot vexed his own soul because of the wickedness of men and so do I If you still think it is a free country, you are dead wrong. This country is neither free now nor has it ever been, no not in the least the very men who deem themselves to be our masters hijacked the history books, so long ago it doesn’t even matter anymore the G2O just proved that we are living in a police state believe me, this is just the beginning of civil liberty violations by govt evil is right out in the open now it doesn’t hide in the shadows any longer the actors in the legislative arena are all bought, made and paid by Hers’ truly, the mother of what again? It is all going down the drain right before our very eyes and everyone is sleeping with their hands folded But we know there is an end to all this madness of mere men and their dead false god lucifer For Jesus of Nazareth HAS always been, always IS and will always BE the TRUTH of YAHWEH ADONAI The GREAT I AM. Repent and receive Jesus Christ and live! or die in your sins. Amen.On another note, I had a dream about you Craig, it was the end of the world and you were trying to call me on the phone, however, when you finally got through all you could do was repeat your name over and over again because the connection was so bad and sadly, while you began to speak, the world ended and the phone line went dead wonder how close we really are? It has its own scent take a lil *sniff* ~Dawn~

    2. Dominik says:

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  4. Marcia says:

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