Kris Arvid Berglund, a professor at Michigan State University helped to start the Artisan Distilling Program in 1997. It is the only academic distilling program in the United States which is coupled with a commercial distillery license.

“We’ve had a number of graduates from our program that we helped to develop their product. They were able to take it out to investors, they were able to work on financing to get their businesses up and running,” said Berglund.

The distillery has created hundreds of jobs in the state.

Students attend MSU’s distillery program from all over the world.

According to Berglund, “There is a guy from the Cayman Island he has a rum distillery and it’s called “Seven Fathoms Rum” and when he’s done distilling it he lowers it seven fathoms into the sea and then brings it back up and then sells as much as he can make.”

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