Vetrazzo sample at Ciot

Vetrazzo sample at Ciot

Vetrazzo sample at Ciot
Vetrazzo sample at Ciot

Now that winter is right around the corner, Michiganders will be spending a lot of time “hibernating” at home.  Ever look around your house and think “wouldn’t it be great to do an upgrade?”  Well, if you do, why not improve the environment while doing home improvements.

Rinse, reuse, recycle and remodel! That’s the method used by Vetrazzo.  They create recycled glass surfacing materials and make counter tops for bathrooms and kitchens.  This brand is now found exclusively at Ciot in Troy, Mi.

I got a chance to see the counter tops in person at Ciot.  It is so beautiful, almost making me want to remodel with it!

Even though Vetrazzo is now based in Georgia, it had ties with one of the “big three”. 

Back in 2006, the company opened its manufacturing plant and corporate headquarters in the refurbished Ford Assembly Building at Ford Point in Richmond, California.

Company officials say they were excited to breathe new life in that historic landmark. The building opened in 1931 as Ford’s west coast Model-A production plant.  It closed in 1956. 

Decades later, Vetrazzo took it over.

So what exactly do they offer? Glass counter tops that have created by recycled glass like beer, wine or vodka bottles.

Vetrazzo products are made of 85% glass.  The company purchases glass after it has been recycled by consumers like you and me.  They find colors that work well together in a slab.  Then the glass is poured in a pan and “baked.”

They can customize your colors.  Let’s say you like the colors of Heineken beer bottles and Skyy Vodka bottles, they can create a counter top like that.

It is chic and green.  Why not remodel like that? Plus, from a distance it looks like granite or marble counter tops and is pretty durable.

If you want more information, go to or

To see the samples in person, go to Ciot on:

1080 Coolidge Highway
Troy, Ml 48084 (between 14 Mile Road and 15 Mile Road)
T: 248 288-8888

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