By g) Mike Valenti

Not gonna lie. I’m salty. It’s Monday and I’m in an anti-BCS mood.

As Matt Dery would say…”Oooooooooh”

I’m thrilled MSU hammered Indiana, mainly so I could leave the bitter cold at the half. I’m also excited and proud MSU clinched the Legends Division and a spot in the Big Ten title game. All good.

Or not.

This should serve as a wakeup call to ALL Big ten fans. These “title” games or as I refer to them, cash grabs, are the grandest loophole in the system. While the winner enjoys the spoils of a gaudy trophy: a National TV pimping and a creepy Bowl Rep in a bad blazer. The loser is given the middle finger.

How you ask? Simple. Teams that didn’t qualify to play in the game got to sit home and steal a BCS bid. Simply stated, they sat home while someone earned the right to play another brutal game, and somehow get bumped up. Teams in the SEC, Big XII and ACC have dealt with this for years. Heck, look at Georgia this year. They have “earned” the right to play LSU in the title game. What a treat. They will almost assuredly lose and thus be left out of the BCS. Meanwhile teams like Arkansas and Alabama will scoop up bowl bids for staying home.

I could detail the MSU scenario but why bother? We saw this movie last year. The system makes ZERO sense…only dollars.

That is my one message to you the fan. The BCS is nothing more than a corrupt money machine. It is in NO WAY a statement of quality or accomplishment. While it certainly gives you No.1 vs. No. 2 the rest of the system is nothing more than a façade (insert promo for Dan Wetzel’s book “Death to the BCS” here).

This isn’t about Michigan. It’s not about MSU. It’s about ideals. Right and wrong. Fair or not.

The system could easily be fixed but why bother? How hard would it be to say if you don’t make a conference title game you cannot play in BCS? I mean not even playing for your conference title is a pretty solid indicator you didn’t measure up right? How can sitting at home be rewarded? How can playing another brutal game be penalized?

Money. That’s how.

The pigs that run the fraud known as the BCS only want sales. Easy fix is to lock in bids upon competition for conference titles. Better yet, if you don’t win your conference you don’t go? Let’s really trim the fat.

We’ll discuss this very issue on the show at some point this week. But really think about this stuff before you comment below or call us up. Explain the rationale for these decisions being anything but fraudulent and the sole basis is cash.

Comments (27)
  1. Steve says:


    Stop crying like a little wuss. Have some confidence in your “elite” Sparty’s and take care of business and you won’t have to worry. The system blows, but it is what it is. Stop bringing up schedules…it doesn’t matter. You would’ve gotten drilled by The Suckeyes last year, so shut your hole. The thing you just don’t get is that NO ONE cares about your school. You’re not relevant.

    1. RyanL says:

      You sound like a kid who was cut from his high school football team…at a PUBLIC school. The system is flawed, everyone knows it. But if MSU isn’t relevant, then how come they have won 20 games the past two years, and the they still have 3 more games to play. I think his argument is relative considering you made no good argument yourself besides saying blah blah blah you’re a wuss, blah blah blah stop crying.

    2. Paul says:

      All the low brow Michigan fans can say is dont look at the schedules, then they birng it up themselves. Such a short memory, keep forgeting you lost to a so called unrelevant program!. Oh i forgot, you dont look at the schedule.

  2. WB3 says:

    I would be upset Mike but right or wrong Michigan has as gotten the finger also. If all these other clowns have made it to title games then why not my school. i must be honest that my school is not ready for this stage yet, but if the weak (Big) east gets a bid then everyone in the Big 10 should play. Don’t worry Mike, we will bring much class to which ever BCS game we go to lol. Enjoy the Cap One

    Whats in your Wallet lol

    All fun Mike

  3. I-hate Hypocrites says:

    Would you even mention this if there was a chance MSU was going to benefit from it? Or would you congratulate the Wolverines, wish them good luck in the BTC and give a snarky comment on how you will enjoy watching UofM fight for a BCS bowl game while your team sits homes preparing for their locked in contest? Seriously…Good luck in the BTC.

  4. Mike in Michigan says:

    This is hilarious, after all the cheating MSU has done over the years. (Such as
    time clock mismanagement, end zone holding, ineligible players being allowed to play, coaching mouthing) and now we have a Sparty trying to show a sense of sportsmanship. Come on.

    1. Jayson says:

      How has MSU cheated you moron? For playing Chris L. Rucker after a drunk driving charge? If MSU so called “cheated”, the NCAA would have gotten involved. That time clock mismanagement happened 10 years ago. Get over it. You sound like a typical Michigan fan talking about your glorious history when you should be focused about this season which Michigan is a better team under Hoke’s first year compared to Rich Rod. Secondly, end zone holding? Holding happens in just about every play, its the obvious that gets called. How about you sit down, cheer for your team and shut your mouth before us state fans will be holding up a five, but its not for a high five. Lastly, when it comes to cheating in sports, consider paying players like a Reggie Bush at USC, or the SMU program in the early 80’s, and MSU winning four straight vs Michigan and on the rise of being a consistent big ten power, think before you talk because you sound like a typical Michigan fan. Fans who never went to school there or college in general and they make the school look bad. So keep up the good work!

      1. Paul says:

        Totally true! michigan has the biggest uneducated fan base in CFB! And the most immature.

      2. Mike in Michigan says:

        Jason, MSU has cheated for so long and so many times you don’t even have a clue as to what cheating is. And now arrogant little brother, go ahead keep whining.

  5. Dan H says:

    Folks. read the content objectively and ignore who wrote it. Can you argue the BCS is not a crooked cash grab? We need you to focus a little…who cares why the article was written?

  6. Tommy says:

    Mike. Stop whining on the radio. Who cares.

  7. Scott F. says:

    Cmon let’s not to try and explain that Valenti now came up with this article just because he hates the BCS. The main reason is because there’s a strong possibility that Michigan might be able to get a BCS bid. Sure it’s not a perfect system but neither are schedules. Some are tougher roads than others but crying about a strength of schedule is laughable. Here Valenti is simply setting himself up to whine and cry about how Sparty got the shaft and it hasn’t even played itself out yet. Once again Sparty comes off as insecure.

  8. jderkowski says:

    In discussing the fact that Michigan could end up in a better bowl than State, remember that U of M has beaten both teams that beat State. Nevertheless, State won the head-to-head matchup, so at this point it’s still a Go Sparty year!

  9. John says:

    1st off Mike is right!…I’m a Buckeye fan so I have no allegiance to either team, but what has been going on is unfair to all teams from all conf’s….Before the Big 10 had a title game OSU or UM etc…could sit back and watch (as undefeated btw) a Texas, Bama, OK, LSU etc get 1 more chance to lose OR impress the powers that be with a win..Simply put, no other sport has different rules for different conf’s…Even as a Bucks fan I can honestly say if we had to play 1 more game against (um 06, or anybody in 2001) we could have easily lost and been out of the NC game…

  10. Adam says:


    First of all, your team should’ve never been in any BCS games, because you cheated and your coach (Dantonio’s boy) was the biggest crook ever. And, you, Mike and everyone on the planet knows the system sucks. We need a playoff now…more than ever! But, it is absolutely hilarious to see this and hear Mike cry like a two year old today. You sure can dish it out, Mr. Arrogant. Why would you expect UM fan to leave you alone when all you do is talk junk? BTW…your take on whether people can be passionate about a team of a school they didn’t attend sounds funny from a New Yorker who roots for the Celtics. Matt and Terry were even clowning you.

  11. Mark says:

    Mike…please follow this up with how your school will be avoiding OSU, WISCONSIN and PSU in the coming years. What a joke. This is why you don’t bring up schedules. At least you get to play your cross-over rival Indiana every year. Why are worried about Urb…you won’t be playing them but once every 10 years.

  12. Dan says:

    In discussing the fact that UofM beat both the teams that beat State, remember that U of M played both those teams at home, while MSU played them both on the road. In a year where it seems no one can beat a quality opponent on the road, I think that makes a difference

  13. Brian says:

    Stop whining and please, stop lying. This has EVERYTHING to do with Michigan. Face it Mike, you saw the handwriting on the wall when Hoke was hired. “An uninspired hire” you said. Ten and two in his first year, how’s that for “an uninspired hire”. “A grease fire of a roster” (after telling your audience how Michigan gets all the players it wants). Ten and two this year and a complete turnaround on defense. You tried to scare Michigan fans with, “Do you really want things to go back to the way they were?” Of course we do. Beating MSU six years in a row, five years in a row, eight years in a row, three years in a row and two years in a row multiple times in the last forty years sure beats the heck out of one (four game) winning streak in fifty years. Sparty needs to take care of business, stop whining and stop embarassing the Big Ten in bowl games. MSU proved they didn’t deserve to go to the Rose Bowl last year and their fans incessant whining about that percieved slight is nothing but a punchline. The Spartans had their best two seasons in your lifetime Mike (21 wins and four blow out loses, so far), and all you can do is whine that Michigan might go to a better bowl game than the Spartans. That is why Mike Hart called the Spartans little brother. “IT’S NOT FAIR THAT MICHIGAN GETS A BETTER BOWL GAME!” Seriously Sparty, it’s childish. Just stop it, for your own sake. You’re embarassing yourself. Try not to get blown out in your last two games.

  14. Chuck says:

    Mike, stop letting those walmarts get under your skin. You make a valid point and the whole system is a fraud. College football only exists to make money for their athletic programs. If they cared about match ups, there would be a playoff.

  15. Mike in Michigan says:

    Look if the big ten gave even a little concern for their teams they would hire real ,professional referees. These are part timers and mostly high school assistant
    coaches. The problems with the BCS should be secondary to the outlandish actions of a 3rd class conference officiating and lousy administration in the conference headquarters.
    The big ten’s first playoff special is being played in a non big ten town, Indy? And inside a dome. Where is the big ten toughness now? This commissioner sucks.

  16. Fast Ed says:

    Mike you are spot on. Time to do away with the BCS. Now. They don’t even make an attempt to do what is fair or just. What happens on the field does not matter. LSU vs Bama? That question was asked and answered weeks ago. Bama had a chance and didn’t get it done. NEXT… BTW, I love Bama. They should not be playing for a championship. Period. UofM vs VA Tech? What a farce. Neither should be there, especially a team that couldn’t win its own division or get to the league championship. They sat back and watched the most compelling post season game in the country and THEN got rewarded for not being good enough to get there. Get rid of the BCS farce now.

    1. Art Again says:

      All MSU can do is send out the crybabies. Get over it. MI deserves to be there, It had the same win percentage as MSU. In fact the Big Ten gave you an extra chance to get it done. YOU COULDN’T DO IT! Get over it. Man up! Get ready for
      a game with Georgia. Don’t worry about the small stuff.
      Oh and you sat back and watched a big mouthed QB who said the same thing about being rewarded for not being in the Big Ten champ game. Hey, where do you get off by saying that that was the most compelling post season game in the country. Boy have we got big heads here! On Wisconsin.

  17. mm says:

    Can’t wait to hear the whining today on the radio, so entertaining having MSU lose

  18. rfc says:

    suggestion: NCAA pick and seed 16 teams, NIT pick their 16 (much like basketball tourneys); NCAA plays 2 rounds in December, semis and final in January; ditto NIT; season limited to 10 games with no more than 2 outside the conference, including conference championship; NCAA champion would then play 10+4 games which is the same as today; lowest schools only play 10 games.

    1. 10-1=whatever says:

      Your math does not add up. You must go to MSU

  19. John S. says:

    Wisconsin 42 MSU 39 – Big 10 Championship game.

    Hey Valenti — Your “it was to take my Father to Pasedena” routine on the radio today about wanting MSU to win and go to the Rose Bowl sounds like nothing more then a premeditated smoke-screen. It’s your warped way of telling people to back off. Listening to your “brand” of compassionate self pity and taking the “high road” over MSU’s devastating loss last Saturday night, is like hearing Donald Trump try his hand at self deprecating humor. Your ego and narcissism have taken a HUGE hit, and on the radio today you danced around your feelings like an experienced con-artist. You punk’d out big time today ! And I see from the article above that you already threw out the BSC-is-fraud card as a pre-emptive strike

    Nice try Mr-Never-Played-A-Down-In-His-Life !

    Do yourself and all mature sports minded people a huge favor; grow up, stop trying to act like a tough guy that knows what it’s like to be in the “trenches,” and dedicate a little less time to the vicarious slobbering love affair with your alumni sports teams. It’s become an old bit and your stock as a sports personality has hit it’s ceiling !

    1. Bored of MSU Whining says:

      Why does anybody listen to this bigoted jerk on the radio? First off I have never listened but from what I have been told he is boring. If you listen to his brand of radio I feel deeply sorry for you.

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