Mike Valenti: The BCS Is Nothing More Than A Corrupt Money Machine

Not gonna lie. I’m salty. It’s Monday and I’m in an anti-BCS mood.

As Matt Dery would say…”Oooooooooh”

I’m thrilled MSU hammered Indiana, mainly so I could leave the bitter cold at the half. I’m also excited and proud MSU clinched the Legends Division and a spot in the Big Ten title game. All good.

Or not.

This should serve as a wakeup call to ALL Big ten fans. These “title” games or as I refer to them, cash grabs, are the grandest loophole in the system. While the winner enjoys the spoils of a gaudy trophy: a National TV pimping and a creepy Bowl Rep in a bad blazer. The loser is given the middle finger.

How you ask? Simple. Teams that didn’t qualify to play in the game got to sit home and steal a BCS bid. Simply stated, they sat home while someone earned the right to play another brutal game, and somehow get bumped up. Teams in the SEC, Big XII and ACC have dealt with this for years. Heck, look at Georgia this year. They have “earned” the right to play LSU in the title game. What a treat. They will almost assuredly lose and thus be left out of the BCS. Meanwhile teams like Arkansas and Alabama will scoop up bowl bids for staying home.

I could detail the MSU scenario but why bother? We saw this movie last year. The system makes ZERO sense…only dollars.

That is my one message to you the fan. The BCS is nothing more than a corrupt money machine. It is in NO WAY a statement of quality or accomplishment. While it certainly gives you No.1 vs. No. 2 the rest of the system is nothing more than a façade (insert promo for Dan Wetzel’s book “Death to the BCS” here).

This isn’t about Michigan. It’s not about MSU. It’s about ideals. Right and wrong. Fair or not.

The system could easily be fixed but why bother? How hard would it be to say if you don’t make a conference title game you cannot play in BCS? I mean not even playing for your conference title is a pretty solid indicator you didn’t measure up right? How can sitting at home be rewarded? How can playing another brutal game be penalized?

Money. That’s how.

The pigs that run the fraud known as the BCS only want sales. Easy fix is to lock in bids upon competition for conference titles. Better yet, if you don’t win your conference you don’t go? Let’s really trim the fat.

We’ll discuss this very issue on the show at some point this week. But really think about this stuff before you comment below or call us up. Explain the rationale for these decisions being anything but fraudulent and the sole basis is cash.

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