By Ron Dewey

ALLEN PARK (WWJ) – Bound and determined to be among the first in line on Black Friday, a dozen or so really early bird shoppers have been camping out in front of the Allen Park Best Buy since Sunday.

Nick Nemer is among the fervid shoppers who have gained some notoriety.

“Regular people came by, dropped off coffee and donuts. That was pretty nice of them,” Nemer told WWJ’s Ron Dewey. “And girls would come up and give us hugs, and like snapping pictures and stuff like that.”

Nemer and his cohorts were inspired by friends who were always ahead of them on previous Black Fridays.

“They’re always making fun of everybody else who’s behind them ’cause they got like, cool stuff … so, this year we’re like we’ll see about that.  Now we’re first,” he said.

With a camp set up on the pavement, the group has been living off fast food and watching TV and playing X-Box powered by a generator.

Among the hot items, they say, are “the best laptops” for around $700.

With a similar tent city popping up outside the Rochester Hills store as well, Best Buy apparently doesn’t mind the occupation or the free publicity.

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