tgf content header Larry the Cable Guy’s Tailgating Tip #1

There’s no better place to make friends than a tailgate; people tend to bond when they are chowing down and introducing themselves with BBQ sauce on their face. I’ve made some of my best pals at tailgates, and folks always flock to throw downs. Ribs and hot dogs may clear out in a flash, but tailgate friends are for life.
But sometimes you have to live by this motto — relationships with fellow tailgaters are like mullets. Once they stop growing nicely, it’s time to cut them off. Here are a few tips from my experience with knowing your tailgate friends from foes:

Rule number one of barbecuing – everyone’s got a “secret” sauce. A true friend knows this is sacred, but watch out for those dang nosy ones, poking around your recipes and storage containers for clues.
You have to remember there are two sides to every game, and two sets of fans. Be good to your rival neighbor, and give the heave ho to your pal that doesn’t treat the other side right!
Last one – you give me food poisoning with your grub… then I start walking. Respect the food and do it right!

I have full intentions on spreading this bit of wisdom and more as I visit football stadiums across the country with Prilosec OTC to search for the best of the best in “A Better Way to Tailgate” challenge. Enter HERE to win in one of three categories: 1). Food Served, 2). Tailgate Set-Up and 3). Team Spirit. All entries must include a tailgate photo. Note the “Food Served” category also requires a recipe submission. In addition to game day tickets, other prizes include the ultimate tailgate gear. To view the official contest rules, click here So enter now, and I’ll check out how great your pigskin party really is!

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