ANN ARBOR (AP) – The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against an Ann Arbor bus agency after it refused to allow an ad that says, “Boycott Israel.”

The lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in Detroit claims the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority is violating the free-speech rights of Blaine Coleman, who wants to put the ad on buses near the University of Michigan.

The lawsuit says the bus agency’s board met Nov. 17 and rejected the ad, claiming it violates a policy against ads that ridicule people or groups.

Coleman’s ad would say, “Boycott Israel, Boycott Apartheid.” He believes the Israeli government treats Palestinians unfairly. A message seeking comment was left with the chairwoman of the bus agency.

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  1. Mike in Michigan says:

    Boycott Palestine, Boycott Coleman, Boycott American Civil Liberties Union, all ultra liberal jerks and while your at it throw in all ultra conservative jerks as well. And that includes all “ultras”. None of them are out for a better America.

  2. Enigma says:

    Good on the ACLU. Israel has given new meaning to apartheid. This add hardly ridicules any person or group. It merely states a fact or, if you prefer, an opinion. Netanyahu and his ilk are causing suffering not only to the Palestinians but to the good people of Israel. Given time he will destroy Israel. This bus add is just one of manysimilar statements around the world.

  3. Mike in Michigan says:

    Sorry but the ACLU has never done anything good for America. Let the ACLU lawyers go live in the Middle East where the Iran supported Palestinians are the people who are the aggressors. And Mr. Enigma, just get the P{Palestinians to
    promise you ONE thing and then keep the promise. They have shown over and over again they will not be honest.peacemakers.

  4. Raspel says:

    To call the only true democratic, multiracial, multiethnic,multi-religious, pluralist,society in the Middle East “apartheid” is absolutely spurious. The label is, however, totally applicable to most–if not all–of the Arab and Moslem regimes.

    The bus ad is nothing but hate-inciting propaganda, which even rips off an early twentieth-century work by José Guadalupe Posada (1851-1913). Local loco Blaine Coleman who is a 24/7 hate-Israel fanatic takes the work totally out of context to mimic the virulently antisemitic style of the Third Reich’s rag, _Der Stürmer._ Enigma, Coleman, and Ann Arbor synagogue harasser Henry Herskovitz can repeat as many lies as they want to about Israel, but repweating them ad infinitum doesn’t make them any truer than the Big Likes of Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda (read lie) minister.

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