DETROIT (WWJ) It’s a question you might get asked this weekend while shopping:  Paper or plastic.

WWJ’s Gary Lundy has more on a nationwide move to get rid of those plastic bags, and return to using paper bags.

All across the country, cities and counties are charging fees on plastic bags, or even banning them completely, in an effort to prevent pollution, and raise revenue for cash-strapped local governments.

Four cities in Oregon are considering banning all plastic bags at retail stores. But not everyone agrees with the plan.

Seattle voters recently turned down a proposed plastic bag fee, and Philadelphia voters have also rejected a ban.

China banned the bags in 2008, and so far, has saved more than a million barrels of oil and reduced plastic bag usage by 66%.

Comments (3)
  1. Larry Crider says:

    The article left me with a question. If China banned plastic bags, why did it only cause a 66% reduction?

  2. heather says:

    It should be a choice. I work in retail. A lot of women or elderely shop alone and plastic allows them to get in safer with less trips. Paper doesnt have handles!!

  3. Pamela Curtis says:

    Thank you Heather! My first concern was having to walk a mile back and forth from the store with purchases. I have Multiple Sclerosis and no car. The plastic Bags are much more durable than paper.

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