DETROIT (WWJ) – Word is expected to come on Wednesday that plans for a light rail system along Woodward are being scrapped in favor of a rapid-transit bus system.

More details will be known following a meeting between federal transit officials and members of Michigan’s congressional delegation. But, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says Washington is ready to fund a regional transit authority here in the metro-Detroit area once leaders can finalize a plan, and he thinks the city and the suburbs are close to that.

Governor Snyder has wanted a rapid transit bus system that would serve the major corridors between the city and suburbs, including Gratiot, Woodward, and Michigan Avenue, along with an east-west connection on M-59 into Livingston County. And given the city’s financial troubles, officials say a regional bus system is far cheaper and would serve more people.

Read more on the long-running debate on the light rail system here.

Comments (5)
  1. Choo Choo Charlie says:

    Another setback for railway service in Michigan. CEO Snyder makes another poor decision. But then CEO Snyder is accustome to cost reductions and buses are cheaper to make than trains.

  2. carl weiler says:

    Sanity at last returns to Detroit bus rapid transit with service from Hart Plaza to Pontiac only 6 minutes longer than the multi- billion dollar light rail project!!!

  3. lijingjing says:

    Unknown message

  4. ablecynic says:

    The good citizens of Detroit would have stolen the steel rails and the copper wire from any light rail transit system so it is good this was never started. The city can at least lock up the buses at night to protect them.

  5. DrPete says:

    I am surprised they aren’t building a monorail system , the ultimate form of public transportation. Progressives will never learn that America is a car centered culture. Give up the public transportation and put tax money into roads and bridges.

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