Van Dyke Public Schools Closed After Bus Batteries Stolen

WARREN (WWJ) – Van Dyke Public Schools in Warren are closed Friday because of bus vandalism.

A recording from the Superintendent’s office says: “Today is Friday, December 16 and due to a transportation problem, the district will be closed today.”

WWJ’s Mike Campbell was live at the scene, where the district’s 20 buses are kept in a bus yard at 9 Mile and Hoover.

Van Dyke Superintendent Joseph Pius said thieves broke into the bus yard by cutting a hole in the fence. He said the crooks stole three batteries each from 15 buses, leaving only five in operation.

warren bus lot hole in fence Van Dyke Public Schools Closed After Bus Batteries Stolen

Thieves entered the lot through this hole they cut into the fence. (WWJ Photo/Mike Campbell)

“They came through somebody’s yard, cut the fence and came in. There are three batteries in each bus and they got each one of the three. These people knew what they were doing. The interesting part of this is that they did not cut the cables. They actually took the time to undo each of the cables, to unbolt them as opposed to cutting them. So, they had some time to get in there,” said Pius.

The district is working with their insurance company to get the buses back in operation for Monday, but Pius said the replacements are going to be costly for the district.

“This will cost us probably about $4,000 to $5,000 to replace,” he said.

Pius said the district does not have security cameras at the facility and so far, no suspects.

“So they can sell them on the streets someplace. I’m sure that’s what happened. So if there are any salvage groups out there that may be approached by somebody with a whole stock full of batteries to please contact the police,” said Pius.

The district is talking to the transportation board about options to install security cameras at the lot.

Police say an investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Warren Police Department at 586-574-4700.

More from Mike Campbell
  • cr1776

    “…the crooks stole three battery each from 15 buses,”

    Detroit schools at work? What is the plural of battery? Hmmmmm.

    • Lizzie

      So thats how I get out of going to school. Just steal the batteries from the bus

    • jasperddbgghost

      Let’s play “guess the skin color”.

      • Bawanna

        Must be those crazy Irish guys again.

      • RC

        black, I win!

    • Richard Nixon

      So I don’t think the superintendent graduated from high school either, so. So maybe, so, he should like, finish. So is so, so so.

    • freecheese

      ” Batteries.” And I am a high school drop out of the ’60s !

    • Rick Gudobba

      I live here, no fan of the schools, but the article does not say battery.

      ” He said the crooks stole three batteries each from 15 buses, leaving only five in operation. “

  • Bubba Johnson

    So…….nothing new to report in what is left of that hell hole. But don’t worry – if Obama can get more money for “education,” I’m sure they can replace the batteries and test scores will go sky-high. It’s just about the money, nothing to do with the corrupt, bankrupt system and its inhabitants. WHose turn is it to pay their fair share for this one? I think we need to call in the police and look in the homes of every millionaire and billionaire living in Detroit and see if they have the batteries. I’m sure they do. Oh. wait …what do you mean there are no millionaires or billionaires living in Detroit?

    • B

      No us millionaires live in Grosse Pointe and Bloomfield Hills, which surround the city. Yes the city sucks, but you ignorant morons are ridiculous. There is so much wealth in the suburbs, but arguing with you middle class white trash imbeciles is a waste of time. Keep hating Detroit. Doesnt bother me.

      • jim

        wonder why they live outside the city?maybe the ignorant morons are not so ignorant.

    • JustAGuy

      Any extra money Obama gets for “education” will find it’s way into the teacher’s unions, that goes for increased members dues, that goes for incresed salaries for union leaders and into Democrat politician’s re-election campaigns who, when elected fight to get more money for “education”….and the cycle goes on and on and on…

  • Smitty

    All of the batteries on earth won’t help that dump..might as well sell those buses to some area capable of learning and use the money to buy gasoline to burn the dump down.

    • Michael Horton

      Warren is far from a dump. It isn’t Detroit, it’s a suburb. And what’s up with the irrational hate? You obviously don’t know much about Michigan…Just hating for the sake of hating?

    • The Truth About Race

      No, it’s a monument to Black Leadership.

      Look at Portland, Oregon

      Seattle, Washington

      Austin, Texas

      Those are all desirable progressive cities.

      What makes them good cities to live in? They’re virtually all White (with a few Hispanics)

      Hate to burst your bubble, but its not liberalism. It’s Blacks.

      • Daniel Morgan

        You are interesting…..a liberal racist. Most illogical as Spock would say.

        • John Moser

          That’s pretty much the only kind there is.

      • Daniel Morgan

        Blacks following liberal concepts and principles have destroyed Detroit. No whites left because they were chased away or had enough money left to move away. Only corrupt politician and bureaucrats left, along with their innocent victims.

      • sean patriot

        Its Democrat liberalism that has caused blacks to be this way

      • sean patriot

        Portland, Oregon

        Seattle, Washington

        Austin, Texas

        Are all cesspools of rotten ignorance. All of those cities are DUSGUSTING as well

    • me

      You do know that the Detroit area is pretty much a third world toilet, right. Its a monument to decades of democrat leadership.

  • Jamesandheather Woods

    $100.00 a Battery x 15 does not =4-5k i have no idea waht your wasting tax payer money on but it sure isn’t

    • William Jones

      The article said 3 batteries in each bus, time 15 buses = 45. And these batteries are approximately $150.00 each. Thats $6,750.00.

    • Michael Horton

      $100.00 a Battery x 15 does not =4-5k i have no idea waht your wasting tax payer money on but it sure isn’t

      Kettle, meet pot…

    • Dino

      I’m glad you’re not an accountant.
      (Three Batteries ) times (Fifteen Buses) times ($100 dollars)


    • aubreyfarmer

      Each bus had 3 batteries. I just priced Megatron 65 by Interstate and they are at least $105 ea. plus tax. 4-5 K sounds about right.

      • Oge69er

        65 series are for like Ford Taurus & Pickups, Most bigger vehivles take industrial size and power, like an 8D
        Workaholic – 1400 CCA

        Sugg Retail Price: $219.95
        List Price: $254.95
        Interstate Battery

    • anthony St. Thomas

      3 batteries from each of the 15 buses that were vandalized.

  • SeventeenDayVacationInHawaii

    Hope & Change Depression Economy courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama…

    • Jeremy

      3 batteries from each bus =~4500

  • Detroit-area schools closed after thieves steal bus batteries... | Breaking News

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  • Alan West

    Another stupid story. Warren has been warren-out for decades. The area where my home is in Warren looks like a DMZ. Also, the warren PD is in the top 10 of the highest paid in the country.

    • BillYBoy

      I’m guessing they belong to a UNION. Give it a few years, the city will be flat broke…. then they will loose their pensions, retiree medical, and get a pay cut. Live for today they say. ‘Look for the Union Label’

      • Dave

        Yup… retire at 45 with 90% of pay.. then get another city job to pad that

        its the Union way.. .and let Joe six pack pay the way

      • baldowl

        Try next year, more likely.

  • Joe Schmoe

    “‘The interesting part of this is that they did not cut the cables. They actually took the time to undo each of the cables, to unbolt them as opposed to cutting them….’, said Pius.”

    Clearly Joseph Pius has never seen a battery cable. Cut a battery cable with hand tools? I don’t think so.

  • Skwerl

    In other news: Detroit schoolchildren rejoiced over the surprise vacation day.

  • jnsesq

    Are you serious? Detroit has schools?

  • Spanky

    Obama voters.

    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

      No –

      They’re “little Democrats”, according to Debbis Wasserman Shultz, the world’s ugliest politician.

  • Chantry Hammond

    Sounds more like a group of kids wanted a three day weekend. Why would they take one battery from each bus, instead of stripping all the batteries out of a few buses?

    • Paul

      They did take 3 from each bus. Read the article.

      • Chantry Hammond

        Ahh, yeah, reading comprehension fail. Misread “…they got each one of the three.”

  • p-jo

    oh my god! people still live there! Oh the humanity

  • Area51

    Surveillance cameras will not help.

    The beings responsible cannot be photographed.

    They have turned from cattle to school bus mutilations.

  • BillYBoy

    I just realized 9 Mile & Hoover is in the City Of Detroit. The media gets it wrong again, more Detroit bashing I suppose. Idiots.

    • DeepWheat

      Actually, the *City* of Detroit’s northern boundary is at *8 Mile Rd*… *9 Mile* & Hoover is therefore, like, about 1 mile *north* of that boundary.

      Clearly outside the City of Detroit, but wa-a-ay too close all the same…

  • Bill

    Tell me how bad Detroit is. My mansion in Grosse Pointe Farms laughs at your white trash ranch. haha.

    • Dave

      So Bill, you actually pay taxes.. great! You can help replace the batteries

  • Batteries4sale

    Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo I’s gots me some batteries fo sale yo!

    • HomeBoy

      Yo yo yo, makes me an offer on dem batteries, sho me da green stuf. Yo yo yo yo yo yo-momma need any batteries?

  • Detroit is a Union Utopia

    Good! Maybe now the kids will actually learn something.

  • Archer

    Like they were going to learn anything anyway.

  • Festo

    Bet someone used the acid for meth.

  • School’s Cancelled: Transportation Problem |

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  • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

    Police profile: Demos.

  • George Johnson

    This is the problem when not everybody pays taxes. they don’t feel the same “bite” we do when we have to pay for new batteries. In fact, unless they get caught, it’s nothing but a win for them, and a loss for us.

    If they paid taxes, they’d feel it, and be less prone to doing this.

  • walter12

    Detroit is finished as a viable city. The blacks in Detroit have destroyed the city, it is that simple. Rampant street crime, gangs, drugs, no tax base, white flight, massive welfare loads, illegal Mexicans, Marxist city councils, and on and on, have taken the life of the city.

  • Ruckweiler

    It’s not as if the kids being AT school would cause them to become educated. Detroit and it’s suburbs are a joke and I say this with family in and around the city.

  • Jason

    How does one steal 900lbs of batteries? and how do you get them through that hole they cut in the fence? Their’s almost no value in recycling these, let be honest batteries arent made with copper so this theft was deliberate. Why else would they take such care in disconnecting all the bettery leads? These were probably stolen so someone can make a back up power supply for a grow operation………

    • William Jones

      Good question Dingus. There was certainly more than one persona and it doesn’t take long to load up 45 batteries.

  • RogerBall

    They’ll steal the stink off of shyt in Detroit.

  • Marshall Law

    I’m guessing that they do have vocational training there.

  • exDetroiter

    Because of white flight, Detroit did not survive.
    Because of white flight, blacks could not keep Detroit in business.

  • Bill

    must of needed them for their chevy volts.

  • Daniel Morgan

    I didn’t think there was anything left of value in the greater Detroit area.

  • DeusVult

    How sad & pathetic….
    Sh!thole detroit the result of YEARS of leftist/liberal leadership!
    NO MORE “resident” (thats NOT a typo!) obama, mooochelle “cant wait to go on vacation/make them eat veggies” antionette and the cabal of socialist/marxist czars!!!

  • Daddy-O

    A brilliant ploy – one less day of Communist indoctrination from the Detoilet public scrool system…

  • TJG

    What are they crying about? According to the math that Democrats like to use the fact that the criminals didn’t steal the tires, as well, saved the district 20 thousand dollars.

    They should be thanking the crooks for such a generous donation.

    • Dave

      that’s it… TJG… we missed the point…the real subtext here is that we should be thankful the crooks left behind the busses..

      but you missed one other important point.. this crime is no one’s fault… society has failed Detroit.. they are victims .. so nothing was really stolen.. just re-positioned. Besides, the school system there is so progressive and successful, these kids need the time off to let their over-worked brains rest

      • TJG

        Not re-positioned…re-distributed, it was simply the re-distribution of batteries.

        I think the local Liberal Democrats should send these modern day Robin Hoods Christma…err…ahh…Holiday Cards.

        And a Happy Kwanzaa to you and yours, Dave.

  • Em Spearing

    Ha ha ha! Oh, Detroit, you so deserve the mess you’ve made for yourselves. Check with Chicago and see if any of Mrs. O’Leary’s cows are left over. Do it right away and end the misery. Merry Christmas.

  • JerzeyBoy

    Does it matter that these kids did not go to school?
    Besides, I grew up in Newark, NJ, we did not have school buses, we did a strange thing; Walked to school. No wonder they are all fat.

  • davec

    “They knew what they were doing?”

    HARDLY, any idiot can cut a fence and disconnect a battery.

  • davec

    Hey Detroit, youre playing penny ante with bus batteries, go steal Electric car batteries, those cost THOUSANDS each..

    heh heh heh I can hear it nnow, another failure of electric cars!

  • Dave

    Detroit’s collapse is the result of the liberal entitlement nanny state ideology.. for decades money has been poured into that swirling bowl only to be grafted and wasted. And no matter how much money is poured in, it gets flushed.

    Take a good long look because it is a testament to decades of Demorat control

  • John Moser

    The kids are safer that way, and the education is about the same.

  • TJG

    Sounds like some lucky children will be finding a bus battery under the old Kwanzaa tree this year.

  • TJG

    I think some local talent was doing his Kwanzaa shop-lifting at the local toy store and he noticed that many of the toys had “BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED” printed on the outside of the boxes, suddenly a bright idea popped into his relatively empty head.

  • Bawanna

    Those poor victimized black people. Dae got 2 eet 2. Obama dun not send no monee 2 dem yet.

  • sean patriot

    Thats right. Keep your iwn people STUPID, but its whity’s fault right?

  • sean patriot

    Thats right. Keep your own people STUPID, but its whitey’s fault right ?

  • Jewfromhell

    Yo check im out on Hardcore Pawn next week. Big battery sale!

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