Pat Caputo: It’s a Shame Trammell And Morris Aren’t In Hall Of Fame

Nothing against Barry Larkin. He was a terrific shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds. I consider him a Hall of Fame player. I will be among the many members of the Baseball Writer’s Association of America voting for Larkin this year.

Last year, his second on the Hall of Fame ballot, Larkin received 62.1 of the vote. It takes being named on 75 percent of the ballots to get in.

Looks like Larkin will get in, if not this year, but eventually.

I have no problem with that, except to me, Barry Larkin wasn’t a better player than Alan Trammell, the former Tigers’ shortstop. They had very similar careers.

There is no real discernible difference in their numbers across the board. Larkin won a National League MVP Award and spurred the Reds to the 1990 World Series title. Trammell was the MVP of the 1984 World Series, and should have won MVP honors in 1987, when he had an utterly brilliant season. Yet,. Larkin was close to being a Hall of Famer on his first year on the ballot last year, while Trammell sputtered along around at 24 percent in his 11th year on the ballot.

Read the rest here at The Oakland Press.

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  • Jeff Whiting

    Thanks for writing this article! This issue needs to be addressed at a national level. While Larkin’s rates a slightly higher in several statistical categories, Trammel rates higher is such significant areas as:
    1. Number of Gold Gloves
    2. Career fielding percentage (In addition Larkin actually led the National League SSs in errors in one season and was in the top 5 in two others.)
    3. Career total for fielding assists
    4. Career total for fielding put outs
    5. Career Range Factor/9 Innings
    6. Career Zone Runs as SS
    7. Career hits
    8. Career # of Singles
    9. Career RBIs
    10. # of seasons with a top ten finish in league BA
    11. # of seasons with a top ten finish in league OB%
    12. Career games played
    13. Career ‘Shares of MVP’ voting

    In addition, Larkin received roughly 4 times the salary of Trammel over the course of his career. while playing one less season!

    [This data extracted from

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