By Greg Bowman

TROY (WWJ) – The Dow Jones Industrial Average surged 337 points Tuesday following encouraging economic signs out of Europe and a jump in apartment construction in the U.S.  It was the best day for U.S. stocks this month, as the Dow finished back about the 12,000-point mark.

We’ve seen a lot of wild swings on Wall Street this year, with the market up 200 points one day and down 200 the next.

And David Aqualina, Senior Vice President for investments at Leonard and Company in Troy, said we can expect more of the same in 2012.

“I absolutely think it’s gonna continue,” Aqualina told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Greg Bowman. “I do think we will see some improvement, but I don’t think the volatility is gonna leave us anytime soon.”

“There’s too many issues on the forefront that have yet to be resolved. And I’m just hoping by the end of the year that we have year where we’re up five to 10 percent on the market,” he said.

Aqualina’s offered this advice to investors:

“What I continue to tell me clients is to stay conservative. Maybe allocate your future contributions in your 401K to more stocks, as opposed to the balance that’s currently in your account,” he said. “I would stay conservative there.”

Aqualina also sees better days ahead for the auto companies next year, and he thinks General Motors and Ford stock are great opportunities for investors.

Hear more from David Aqualina:

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