By Roberta Jasina

By Roberta Jasina

YouTube is getting thousands of hits from people wanting another look at that new Acura TV ad featuring Detroit Lions superstar Calvin Johnson.

The commercial features “Megatron” in kind of a wardrobe-morphing-mode where he goes from a football uniform, all the way down to his undershorts, then into an expensive suit and tie.

The commercial is generating a lot of buzz from lovers and haters.

One person comments, “I’m going to marry this man some day.”

Another one posts, ” Good Lawd, this man is fine.”

Other people are raving about the background cello music.

Still others are claiming that the ad is racist, because of the tagline…”Aggression in its most elegant form.”  They say the ad brings back “the old days of the urban brute.”

As for me…I thought the commercial was a work of art.  I think Leonardo and Michelangelo would have loved it.

I think it’s done beautifully.

I think the music is cool.

I think Calvin Johnson is beautiful.

And by the way, I thought the car was OK too.

Check out the spot (above) via YouTube.  I’d love to know what you think.

Comments (2)
  1. JD says:

    year old commercial makes news for being new

  2. godfather says:

    It have been a Ford ad!

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