Nick Carter Gets It His Way In Pontiac: ‘A Spectacle With Music’

Nick Carter, 31, bad boy singer from the Backstreet Boys, is bringing a new tour February 10 to the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac to support his second solo album “I’m Taking Off.” Tickets are on sale here.

Carter’s sister Leslie Carter, 25, died suddenly Wednesday in upstate New York, but Carter announced the show would go on. “Performing is cathartic to me and I am dedicating the rest of my tour to my sister since she loved to watch me perform,” the singer said in a statement released through his publicist Wednesday.

The show in metro Detroit is special because Carter agreed to a backstage visit with 30-year-old Sarah Cheek, a longtime fan who was recently diagnosed with fourth stage breast cancer — after her husband reached out and said it would be her dream come true. What should she expect?

“We’re just going to have fun,” Carter said, in an interview that happened a week before his sister’s death. “It’s going to be a great experience… They ask questions, and you have to feel the situation out. You never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes they’re shy. Other times they’re open and want to know everything. You just have to fun with it. I’m a normal guy. To them it might seem like I’m not …But I’m a normal guy.”

After 10 years of alcoholism and drug abuse, Carter revealed in 2009 he had a serious heart condition — cardiomyopathy — that could have led to death if he continued on a destructive path. But he’s now clean and sober.

The former flame of Hollywood socialites and honoree as one of People Magazine’s “Most Beautiful People,” spent time with CBS Detroit a week before his sister’s death to talk about his health, his new album, the tour, and what comes next.

Tell us about the tour — Is it predominantly new music or hits from the Backstreet Boys?

There are definitely going to be some hits. I was fortunate to have created a great album. I’m performing a bunch of my new songs, some from my first album, some remixes. It’s a show. You’re coming to see a show. No dancers, I don’t have choreography. It’s more of a rock environment than a pop environment. We have costumes, space helmets and space costumes. It’s a show, a spectacle with music.

You recently lost 65 pounds, does that make it easier to keep energy up for shows night after night?

I definitely have to stay fit. It’s the main thing. I love fitness, it’s the key to health and happiness. It’s the key to mental stability. It keeps my blood flowing, I’m able to think clearer. I love being active. I feel younger now than when I was 21.

Is there anything about your new album “I’m Taking Off” may surprise fans?

One thing is they’re gonna be surprised at how good the music is. That’s the thing, I’m not boasting, but I’m saying that I’ve come from a band called Backstreet Boys and one thing for sure we’re accustomed to getting great songs, great pop music, Music that can be remembered. I follow those principles. It gives them a chance to peek into my mind. It’s my diary. It’s true experiences. If you’re pulling from real experiences, it’s entertaining

We know the Backstreet Boys reunited in 2007 and have toured several times with NKOTB. What’s the status of the group now?

We’re gonna be doing another Backstreet Boys album, we’re starting to record in February and March, so we’re doing that whole process and we’re going on tour in April with NKOTB over in Europe. Australia, Indonesia, China — and take that over for a couple of months, that’s what on the horizon. After that we’ll probably release the Backstreet Boys album.

You briefly had a reality show with your five siblings in 2006 — would you ever do that again?

Not really. Especially after I’ve embraced acting as a true art form. It’s not for everyone. The reality kind of exposes you, and you don’t have control over it. You see what happened with the Kardashians. It bites you in the butt. I tried it. But I don’t want to do it again. I’d rather be taken seriously. I’m writing screenplays, producing, directing and acting.

What advice would you have for young singers about hitting it big?

I don’t give advice. Just have fun.

Who’s your role model in the music world?

Honestly, I have four role models: Four of the guys in my band. They’ve been role models for me for a while. No matter what, I always had to depend on myself and make the changes myself. When you understand that no one can help you but you, that’s when (you get it.)

You discussed writing a self-help book. What would the title be?

Yeah. We’re talking right now. Dr. Phil’s son and I were in some sessions, nothing’s confirmed. There was a lot of interest from both sides on doing this book. I don’t know (the title). My experiences in my life, things that were good, things that were bad, choices that ultimately affect you. It’s sort of like that.


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