LANSING (WWJ) – Michigan could soon be added to the list of states that offer “Choose Life” license plates as the senate reviews a bill to allow their sale.

Proceeds from the specialty plates would go to the Choose Life Michigan fund, administered by the Secretary of State.

It wouldn’t be the only fund-raising plate Michigan offers. Currently there are license plates to support programs like the Boy Scouts and organ donation.

But Regional Planned Parenthood President Lori Lamerand said this is a different type of cause.

“The believe around the anti-abortion group is largely religious, so this has a very religious bend,” Lamerand told WWJ Newsradio 950.

“And, frankly, at this dire time in our economy, it wouldn’t be supporting a pro-choice license plate either. This isn’t where our resources need to be going,” she said.

Senator Patrick Colbeck, who represents Western Wayne County and introduced the bill, said people have no reason to oppose it, because buying the plate is optional.

“This isn’t a case where we’ve got mandated programs like we have in the Affordable Care Act coming out of the federal government, where there are actually dedicated slots for community Planned Parenthood,” said Colbeck. “I mean, it’s built right into the legislation. So, they’ve got cases like … There is already a lot of government motion in that capacity already.”

Right now, roughly half of the nation’s states either offer Choose Life plates or are considering doing so.

What do you think? Should the plates be offered in Michigan? Comment below.

Comments (56)
  1. Tina says:

    I’d buy it! This specialty plate supports ALL life from conception to natural death. Planned Parenthood “purports” choice…so why are they always against the choice to support life over death? Last time I checked, this was still a free country where I have the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I also have the right to voice my choice even if it’s different from yours…so with this plate I can speak against abortion, genocide and euthanasia.

    1. Brad says:

      How does genocide make the same list as abortion and euthanasia???

    2. Chris says:

      Is euthanasia really an issue?

    3. Jim says:

      “Last time I checked, this was still a free country where I have the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
      Then you should check your sources as they are wrong. Those “rights” are mentioned in the Declaration of Independence and not the Constitution, and therefore are not rights.The writers simply said “We hold these truths to be self-evident…”. These is nothing legally binding.

    4. Nina says:

      Choosing Life means you do not support choice….that is why Planned Parenthood does not support “life.” By supporting choice, a person supports life and abortion. By supporting life, a person only supports life. That should be obvious, you seem a little dim.

    5. Linann M Singh says:

      I don’t tell you when to pee, don’t tell me how to take care of my family.

      1. Amy Leann says:

        Or lack there of….I guess using abortion as a form of birth control is fine for you but SOME of these people that get “knocked up” deserve to face their consequences or they will just keep doing it. They could at least be unselfish enough to have the kid and put them up for adoption for someone to actually care for them. Steve Jobs was adopted…go figure.

    6. deeb says:

      Liscense plates that express political or religious views should not be allowed

  2. Matt says:

    Using state funds to advocate violence against abortion doctors is a bad idea.

    1. Rob Long says:

      Just let us know when you come to your senses. There is nothing like that advocated here. Supporting the rights of unborn children doesnt target doctors. It targets the childrens right to live. Clueless atheistic liberals…

      1. Diane says:

        I am neither Athiest nor Liberal, and I support the choice. How’s your uterus, Rob? Feeling the need to have the state govern it?

  3. Bob says:

    With those freedoms, comes respect for others also, why is there not a pro abortion plate/fund, and a pro choice plate/fund. 3 stances, 3 plates, 3 funds. Now let’s see the wackadoos come out of the wood work when it’s suggested the playing field be leveled.

  4. Ron says:

    Please give the buyer an option of Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

  5. Moe says:

    We doubt you would see a Democratically-controlled Senate or House wasting taxpayer time and effort with such an arcane and biased project.

    1. Janet Kerr says:

      Well said! I second that comment.

    2. Amy Leann says:

      But I bet you wouldn’t mind those funds going towards a “Pro-Choice” license plate then…. A bit hypocritical.

  6. James Oliver says:

    Pro life plates OK Pro choice plates are then OK

  7. JS says:

    Will be a sad day for the country and for people with an IQ over 45 if this ever happens.

  8. Robyn Singleton says:


  9. duck says:

    Ever wonder why your society is collapsing when most people believe in murdering children before they are born is a right. You wonder why men don’t want to marry or stay married to a woman when she is selfish enough to choose to kill his baby. All government comes from the foundation of the family, when the family is gone, your society will quickly collapse. When you murder your unborn children you are killing your family and hence your government. More babies have now been killed in the womb than were killed in all wars combined. Good job ladies.keep calling men abusive.

    1. ReallY!! says:

      Really – “More babies have been killed in the womb than were killed in all wars combined” – Really??? I would like to know where your information – I mean FACTUAL information, came from.

    2. jimmo says:

      “More babies have now been killed in the womb than were killed in all wars combined.”
      When you considered all the genocide ordered by God in the old testament simply to give control of land to the Israelites, you might be correct.

    3. Linann M Singh says:

      They can keep the baby, and the next boyfriend can kill it.

  10. James says:

    Yes, but they should be styled exactly like the “Choose Life” T-shirts that George Michael used to wear when he was in WHAM!

  11. Kalamady says:

    So the State of Michigan is financially strapped and Colbeck wants to spend more money to produce specialty license plates for a religious based issue. I still see this not only as wasteful in the Senate’s time and tax payer’s money but also an issue with separation of church and state. It sounds like Colbeck needs to spend more time helping to build a bridge.

    1. Rob Long says:

      Its not a religious based issue. Its a choice based issue. The right to CHOOSE LIFE.

      1. Mitchell says:

        Idiotic statement, depending on the term limit it’s no different then eating an egg from a chicken in the sense that there is no life, so do you think we should ban all egg farming? My breakfest would never be the same… It’s bestowing on your intelligence to state “the right is choose life” when its very well known that life is not yet even made, I don’t see many funerals for miscarriages or people saying I have 3 kids verses I have 2 kidas and 1 on the way (as in not yet a child)

        So keep your remarks about pro-life to yourself, because no one gives a damn. If you get pro-life I get pro-genocide on my liscenes plate, its an opinion is it not? And borderline a religious opinion if you take into account the fact that religion generally relates to mass genocide.

  12. Guest says:

    That could make a good bumper sticker
    as in,choose life,yours,by getting the fkkk out of my way

  13. j.parker says:

    1.) it violates separation of religion and state. 2.) it endorses a a ideological viewpoint, are they going to offer the same rights/opportunities to opposing viewpoints. I doubt it. 3.) Why should one group have the appearence of government backing without the other.

    1. Rob Long says:

      Youre delusional, this message says nothing about faith, its Americans choosing to support the rights of an unborn child. Youre just a hell bound atheist taking up the rest of our good air. If you want to support abortion, go back and beg your mother for the reason she didnt abort you.

      1. Leslie Clark Baldwin says:

        Such hate filled drival from another apparent “Christian” Let me guess..jesus only loves your kind of people? Jesus only died for your sins?

      2. brad says:

        Oh, good news, maybe you haven’t heard…. There is no hell so you can stop telling people they are going to go there..

      3. Amy Leann says:

        Well I would hate to be wrong if there ended up being a Hell after we died. Wouldn’t you brad?

  14. Leslie Clark Baldwin says:

    So where’s the “Pro Choice over No Choice” plate?

  15. sm says:

    I support the choose life plates! When can I buy one?

  16. lancer says:

    I wouldn’t mind as long as there is an option to buy “Choose Abotion” plates made by the government.

    1. Tammmmyr says:

      Exactly – But just try to have a “Choose Choice” late and listen to the religious right howl.

      1. Tammmmyr says:

        sorry, meant ‘plate’

  17. Mark says:

    There are pleny of statistics that show the number of aborted children, of you care to look. A good start is on the Planned Parenthood website. Opps…They don’t put that up there. For those who want to keep there head buried in the sand, and not want to seek the information, and demand others to provide it for them, are the same people that will inevitably say it’s a religious issue. It is not about religion at all. You will find the information on “religious” websites. That is only because bias media will NOT report the facts. The fact is there have been almost 55 MILLION abortions in the US since Roe v. Wade went into effect 39 years ago. And at the person who thinks those that are Pro-Life have an IQ below 45 should take a look at there own intellect. My IQ is 165..oh but I’m to stupid to understand looking at an ultrasound of a 5 week old baby to realize it’s just “fetal matter” and not a baby? I guess my ears deceive as well as I hear this “fetus’s” heart beat as well. I guess I’m just an undereducated moron.

    1. Nina says:

      LOL. You are in the top .1% intellectually? Someone that smart wouldn’t even be on this comments forum wasting their time arguing with the rest of these morons. I don’t think so. You know those online IQ tests are not reliable, right?

      1. Mark says:

        Online IQ test…no. Even the actual test isn’t an exact science. I believe it’s + or – 7 pts.

        This is the first time I ever wrote a comment. I’m just tired of people that make this a “religious” issue, when it is purely MORAL! I will admit, the only place you can get a lot of information about the quantity of abortions, is through the websites that have religious undertones, or just flat out religious sites. This issue is very sensitive to me. I am the father of an aborted baby girl. I didn’t know when it happened, so I couldn’t say anything about the outcome. Facts are facts.

    2. Linann M Singh says:

      You don’t think there is enough people on Earth? Or do you plan on supporting all these children?

      1. Amy Leann says:

        We wouldn’t have to support all these children if they learned to keep it in their pants and their legs closed. Seriously, do people not think there is a consequence to their actions? You made your bed, you should be forced to lie in it. (And I am not categorizing rape victims in this, I am referring those that made the choice to have sex in the first place!)

    3. Eliza says:

      I’d say yes, you are an “undereducated moron” because you can’t even understand basic grammar rules that were taught in elementary school.

  18. Mark says:

    @Mitchell…I take it you have no children, or experienced a miscarriage, nor have ever seen an ultrasound of a BABY in it’s mother’s womb. Try it sometime. It’s awesome. You speak like someone filled with hatred. So sorry about that. I hope you find happiness and joy in your life. Hate and anger just drain a person mentally and physically. May you find your peace.

  19. mystikal says:

    I’d buy a Pro-Choice plate.

  20. Takeitish says:

    I want one that Says ” It’s none of your Business!”

  21. qwerty says:

    Question to the pro-life people: How can you trust me with a child if you can’t even trust my choice?

  22. Betty says:

    I don’t understand how republicans and other conservatives can want “less government involvement” in everything except when it comes to a woman’s body.
    It’s my body, it’s my choice.

  23. Animenut says:

    Administered by the Secretary of State? This is surely government of a religious position. Lawsuits to come.

  24. Anne says:

    The state should not be involving itself in raising funds for issues like this. If you want to slap a sticker on your bumper, you’er free to do so, but the state should keep its nose and its funds out of it.

  25. lisa says:

    Mark I glade you gave birth just fine and that you injoyed your ultrasound but untill you pay my rent bills and med bills i will make my own choice when i can rule where men can and can not put their spurm then we will take

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