Snyder Says Special Green Card Could Help Create Jobs

WASHINGTON (WWJ) – Governor Rick Snyder says modifying the nation’s green card system could help create more jobs in Michigan and the U.S.

Testifying Tuesday in front of a U.S. House Committee, Snyder said he realizes immigration is a complex issue, but he feels there should be opportunities in our country for immigrants with advanced degrees in engineering and other fields.

Snyder is asking federal government to develop a special green card for immigrants who have earned doctorates or other high-end degrees, contending that this would allow the U.S. to grow that talent and jobs along with it.

“I have personal experience this given that I did startup companies,” said Snyder. “We’re educating these people and then telling them to leave our country. They are job creators, and there is a broad-based opportunity for success there.”

Snyder said “workforce” development won’t cut it — states really need to work on develop talent.

“Workforce tends to deal with creating opportunities and giving people skills. That’s simply not good enough,” said Snyder. “There are three Cs in my view. The is first creating, the second is collaboration, and third is connecting. And we need to do well on all of these if we’re to do our jobs effectively.”

Snyder said that a lack of highly-qualified applicants in our state means there are 70,000 open jobs that companies can’t fill.

  • Pedro

    Indeed. I completely agree with Mr. Snyder.

  • Szesze

    Yes, personally I do think those foreign students are mostly from ‘wealthy families”. If US immigration policy allow them to stay in US, they will establish companies to create jobs if they can’t find a job in US. They are “knowledgeable and wealthy” enough to set up companies and hire Americans for jobs. Mr. Snyder ‘s idea is an excellent choice but his policy need to act fast for fast results to be seen in the near future!!

  • jack


  • Sam

    It’s a very good idea to give opportunity of permanent residency to the immigrants with advanced degrees (like PhD, MS) in science and technology. Retaining these highly educated and trained (in US) is very necessary if we want US to continue to lead the world in science and technology, innovation and invention. Otherwise, US could fall behind European countries, China, India in near future.

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