Chevy Uses Barry Manilow, Twinkies and the Apocalypse to Poke Fun At Ford

Chevy unveils its new Super Bowl ad, which highlights its Silverado pickup, and pokes fun at the competition.

NOTE: There are reports that Chrysler will run a commercial featuring Clint Eastwood. They are not commenting. Ford is not planning any Super Bowl ads.

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  • Bill Ford VI

    Better not buy any other Chevy products other than a truck because they will not make it either. So Chevy just ripped their own product line. Doh. Failed.

  • Bailey Stripling

    LOVE, LOVE the Barry Manilow song “Looks LIke We Made It” in the background! Now this is one commercial I will take notice of EVERYTIME it is played!

  • angelina

    We had Fords and now a Chevy Chevys are cheaper than a Ford right now and as far as the song on there who gives a rats ass

  • Tanya

    Manilow blows, and I will not say what

  • GiantsRule

    Your choice of songs stink for this commercial. Manilow, really? The commercial itself was okay but using his song was a bad choice. It would have been better using someones song who is more up to date in the music industry

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