DETROIT (WWJ) –  One in three women will die of heart disease this year with deaths occurring at a rate of about one-per-minute. At Detroit Receiving Hospital, a number of employees marked the American Heart Association’s Go Red day by wearing red clothing or red dress pins.

Several women staffers in the anesthesia department sported red dress pins, but theirs were hand-made by fellow employee Joan Alfred. She crocheted them using a pattern found online.

At the same time, Alfred will be crocheting the red dress pins for an upcoming Heart Association event.

“I was approached by the American Heart Association to make some for an auction that they are going to have in a couple of weeks,” said Alfred. “I’m excited, I haven’t called them yet, so I don’t know how many they want but I’ll be making the angry birds hats and pins at the same time.”

Alfred says this weekend she’ll start making more for Go Red day 2013.

Education stations were also part of the Go Red Day, Dr. Jeff Cloid took part by conducting blood pressure screenings:

“What we are doing is offering free blood pressure checks and health screenings, where people can come by and  blood pressure checking in a private area. We discuss risk factors for heart attacks and strokes with them and we are giving them some information about what they can take home with them from their blood pressure reading today and give them follow-up with doctors in the DMC system,” said Cloid.

  1. Eric Starson says:

    The good news is that it looks like heart disease can be completely prevented with a healthy enough diet, or even reversed:

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